I hate your fake depth;

the way you sneer,

especially at those just like you.

I hate your false friendship,

your liquid ways,

molding to those around you.

I hate your behavior,

how you seem insecure and shy,

but you're really just dead.

I hate your smile

because it hides your torment too well,

because it's beautiful

but the rest of you is tarnished.

I hate how you dream

and all because you're dead

so reality isn't real.

I hate how I can scream at you

and you'll never know,

no one will ever know...

no one will ever know you.

I hate your every victory.

I hate how you chill me,

from the inside out,

when I look into your eyes.

I hate your thoughts,

the very things

that promote your every action.

I hate how the world must see you,

as a normal person,

full of laughter and friends,

but I know the truth.

I hate you because...

because I hate myself,

because you are me,

because I hate mirrors,

and because you are only my reflection.