The Ethereal

I dance in the garden

Of sweet October

Throwing my arms

Into the endless winds of the night

The flowers around me

Burn in hot flame

Gazing at me

Screaming silent pleas

As the flames consume

My clothing begins to rip

Shards of purple cloth

Fall and shrivel

Bending my head

I look out onto the stars

My legs tiptoeing

In an endless dance step

Sweat pours down

The gleaming body

That I possess

Showing my fateful judgment

The fragrant blooms of the garden

Beg me to spare their puny lives

Yet I pay no heed

To the smoking, ash smothered faces

Smiling, I reach towards the heavens

And cry out a chant

That dooms the garden

To a fiery hell

"Sleep on dear garden"

I whisper into the night

"I have made my judgment"

"And now your sins shall be repaid"

The garden burns

As I walk away

And hum a little tune

"My work is done" I whisper