Author's Note: This story was conjured up in my head during a train ride on the Underground in London. But I just finished it today. It's pretty short and pretty sweet…only a bit. Enjoy!

-Ciara's POV-

"Class? We have a new student with us here today. She is from…um…"

"Washington." Came the short answer from my own mouth.

"Introduce yourself please, dear." An old, slightly, raspy voice urged me.

"I'm sorry Miss Tottenburg, but I was previously knocked over by some random guy and was sent flying into the boy's toilet. Can I not be introduced?" I said flatly.

"Come on dear. It won't hurt, wouldn't it?"

How annoying grannies can be.

"My name is Ciara Clein and I am from Seattle, Washington. My favorite color is neon orange and my fave food is pizza, sans pepperoni. I love candlelight dinners and kisses with tongue. I collect dildos, whips, handcuffs and sex board games. I love sex in the kitchen and the doggy position. I am also, currently, an avid reader of homosexuality. I-"

"Oh dear, that's enough sweetie."


"Thank you." I walked to the back of the class and sat down in the only empty seat in the room.

"Hey girl, wanna try out my condoms at home tonight?" came a low, sleazy voice behind me.

"No I'm not a slut. I only sleep with guys who have dated me for two months." I swiveled around in my seat to look at him fully. He was a rather plain brunette. Nothing special. He seemed to be shocked.

Another voice came from my right. "Sorry about Terry there. He hasn't had a girl for three months already. Hi, I'm Nathan."

"Hey there." I answered amicably and turned back to Terry. "Sorry, but you can do better than me." He smiled faintly. Poor guy.

Another voice sounded in front of Nathan. Ugh, what is it with voices here? "Hey, don't accept any offers to go drinking with Nath. He's a terribly messy drunk. Beside, he's taken. I'm Leslie, his girlfriend."

"I'm Joanna. Wanna sit with us at lunch?" The girl two seats from Leslie turned to me and said.

"Ok." I said and bit blurred. I was never good at names anyway.

"Whoops. I think I forgot to introduce our group here." Nathan spoke up. "This is Leslie, my girlfriend. Dylan and Joanna. Sweetest couple in last year's yearbook. Terry and Rebecca. They're running circles around each other for 5 months already." Rebecca blushed and Terry shot Nath a glare. He ignored them and continued. "Of course, this is me and Colin."

I shook hands with everybody, except Colin. When I turned to him, he was scowling at his I-Pod. But that wasn't what had caught my eye. It was his looks.

He was gorgeous. Very dark brown hair and blue eyes, my favorite combination. He was wearing a black sweater that showed off his wide shoulders and muscled back. I'd better stop here, or I'd be drooling.

"What?" He barked at me.


"Colin! Be nice? This is Ciara from Seattle." Dylan, who was in front in me, scolded Colin, who ignored him.

"Mr. Caitcombe! Are you listening to that I-Pod again?" A high-pitched voice sounded from the front of the class. Oh. It was the misplaced granny from hell.

"Yes, Miss Tottenburg. Here." Colin said tonelessly, handing over his I-Po to the teacher who was walking over.

Everyone settled down and the amazingly boring lesson resumed.

"CFCs have created a gigantic hole in the ozone layer over the Antartica, which…"

-Colin's POV-

"So…Col!" Nath's voice chirped a few feet from me over the din our table was creating. God…the guy chirped.

"Yeah?" I said gruffly, pulling out my I-Pod's earphones. Nath didn't seem fazed though.

"You wanna come to Cia's house after school? We're having a slumber party for her." Immediately, I shook my head.

Nath's grin faltered a bit before continuing, "But come on, don't you wanna get away from home for once?"

That got me thinking. Why the hell should I go home? My parents were too busy fighting to even notice when dinner was served. Sighing, I stuffed the I-Pod into it's case and threw it in my backpack. "Come pick me up at 5, I need to get my things first."

Nath almost split his face grinning at my easy acceptance.

Wait…Slumber party? Were they for real?

-Ciara's POV-

After a few cans of beer, I was mildly buzzed and mildly happier. Nathan, who hadn't drunk anything and was looking at the clock, got up and grabbed his keys.

Les called out, "Where you going sweetheart?"

"I gotta pick up Col, sweetie. I'll be back in half an hour." Nath replied while grabbing his coat.

"Huh?" I shot up from my slouching form instantly. "Colin's coming?"

"Yeah. He has problems at home, hope you don't mind." And he walked away.

Problems at home? Of course I didn't mind. I wanted to know quiet, reserved Colin a bit more than what I know now.

-Colin's POV-

"What the hell happened here!?" Nath cried as soon as the door was opened. Peering over his shoulder, I resisted the urge to stagger too.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, was KOed and all over the floor. Suprisingly, none of them were on the excessive number of sofas and couches Ciara's house seemed to have.

Elbowing Nath out of the way, I walked up to the nearest person, Dylan, and felt for his pulse. It was beating normally, though a bit sluggishly. Phew.

"I think they've just passed out." I moved on to Les, but Nath squealed out. "No! She's off-limits! Get your paws off her this instant!"


Nath scrambled over to Les. "Come on, we'll just have to carry the girls up on the sofas. Les' mine!" He chirped again. Ugh.

Jo and Reb were practically wrapped around their significant others, Reb with Terry, even though they weren't together. (A/N: hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink and succeeds to accidentally elbow you off the chair or seat you're sitting on. Sorry.) This meant that I couldn't carry any of them. Sighing, I glanced at the cluster of glasses and cans sitting innocently at the middle of the floor.

"Nath! They were just drunk!" I called over my shoulder. Nath grunted back a response to tell me he heard me.

I turned back to the solitary girl curled on the floor a few feet from me. I stalked over to her, somewhat reluctant to touch her.

Scooping up her shoulders, her legs followed suit and I had to clutch her close, so that I wouldn't lose my grip. Two arms snaked around my neck, causing this heavy load in my stomach to tighten and goose bumps to appear at the back of my neck.

She wriggled around in my arms as I staggered to the nearest sofa, not from her weight (she was deliciously…uh…normally light) but from the rapid throbbing of the vein at my throat. Soft mumbles reached my ears.

I leaned in to listen.

"How the hell do gays fuck? Up the large intestine?"

Choking back a loud snort, I stared at her incredulously. Talk about random questions!

"I want to know Colin a bit more."


What!? Me?

"Yep. Colin."

Is she psychic? Woah. Creepy.

Gently laying her down, I slowly stroked her hair softly and somewhat lovingly. She purred in delight and smiled sweetly and slowly, setting my heartbeat on turbo.


Shut up.

With a final parting stroke, I hoisted myself up in search of more alcohol for the adrenaline rushing through my ears.

-Still in Colin's POV-

"Col! Wake up, you bozo!" Dyl's voice rang in my ear.

"Ow! Bastard!" I yelped reflexively.

"Shut up. You go and play nurse for Cia. Ter already took Reb home and Nath and Les are leaving. You can get a ride home with Cia, ok?" And with that, Dylan ditched me to take care of his girlfriend. Ugh. Couples.

Loaded with anit-hangover ammunition (just a bottle of water and some aspirin), I made my way to the sofa I had left Cia last night. She was still there, deliberately tangled up in the comforter I had dragged down for her last night.

Slumping down beside her sleeping form, I waited for her to wake up.

Soon, she began stirring and I became alert. Honestly, I expected her to moan and groan herself to consciousness, but she didn't.

What she did was; she gave a short scream and sat up immediately. I almost dropped the aspirin and water bottle in my hand from shock.

The rapid movement seemed to worsen her hangover. Moaning, Cia clutched her head, "No water." She rasped. "Coffee and Coke, please."

"Of course not." I said in a superior tone, pushing the water bottle and aspirin in her hands. She gave a loud sound of protest and pushed them back. Soon, we were in a game of Push-O-War and in a desperate movement, I made the mistake of throwing my whole body weight at her.

Of course, she toppled back with me on top.

The water and aspirin were soon forgotten.


What do you get when two teenagers (who are attracted to each other unconsciously) are intimately close and are on a soft, springy sofa?

Well…that was what we got.

-Either person's POV-

(Please do not show your credit card number, telephone number, address and other personal information to other users.)

CFCColin Fucks (ONLY) Ciara: Hey

CFCCiara Fucks (ONLY) Colin: Hi there

CFCColin Fucks (ONLY) Ciara: did you know? ter and reb got together a while ago.

CFCCiara Fucks (ONLY) Colin: really? cool…

CFCColin Fucks (ONLY) Ciara: by the way cool name

CFCCiara Fucks (ONLY) Colin: u 2 sweetie

The End

Author's Note #2: I'm sorry it came to such an abrupt ending, but my ideas were drying up, so I stuck with the CFC idea in the beginning and this was what I wrote while in a semi-conscious daze.


Paints-the-Sky: Hell no. I went to London on a vacation. I wouldn't be able to last there, the food sucks, not like good old Thai food.

Psycho-Vamp: I know…if I had ideas anyway, but if I didn't finish it, I would've have to leave it in my notebook and gradually forget about it, so posting it was a better choice.