Belladonna LaLee

When sin was love

And angels were whores

There was a woman

Named Belladonna LaLee

Her hair was like moonbeams

That swirled down her breasts

Her eyes were like Sapphires

That shined with her laughter

She was more beautiful

Then all the other dancers

The men all loved her

But she always ran away

Dancing was her passion

Sex was her life

She was so happy

Yet she cried every night

One day she meet a man

Whom she loved with all her heart

This man loved her back

Although he beat her every day

They were married

And were happy for some years

Until he left her

And then her soul began to rot

She climbed up to the tower

And gazed down below

"Good-bye cruel world"

She whispered into the night

Her body was found in the morning

Broken and lifeless

This forgotten woman

The enchantress of seduction

And now you know the story

Of this lovely girl

The girl everyone loved

Called Belladonna LaLee