Jessie sat in front of the building, her face emotionless. Fire raged before her as men tried to put it out. It was useless, they were dead. There was no way they could have survived this long. It was an impossibility. The fire had been burning far too long.

The fear had worn off. All that was left was the truth. She was alone. No one in her family would be left alive. Numbness coursed through her veins and these thoughts trailed through her mind.

Then people came over with a stretcher. They placed her on it. They were saying something she didn't understand. But she knew one thing. She was going to die. She didn't know how long she had left to live, she didn't even feel the pain, but it didn't change the truth. Not even these men trying to save her could change it. Why had this happened to her? Her whole family was dead and now she was dying as well.

I'm coming, bro, she thought. You won't be alone again. You always said you wanted me around more, now I will be. See you soon.

Breathing was getting more painful. Her whole body felt burnt to a crisp. On the way to the hospital, she let one breath out and didn't take another one. The EMS tried to revive her but when they got to the hospital, she was pronounced Dead-On-Arrival.