Please Tell Me

Please tell me if I'm one of those girlfriends who drive you berserk

Am I to clingy?
Am I to jealous?
Am I to annoying?

Pleasetell me if you're starting to go mad with my incessant calling.

Why do you love me?
Why do you care for me?
Why do you put up with me?

Please tell me if you want to give in, if you can't deal because I'm too selfish.

Do you like my voice?
Do you like my body?
Do you like me for me?

Please tell me that you'll never leave and that you know I'm here when you need.

Can I think for myself?
Can I be trusted?
Can I be saved?

Please tell me you're safe and that you're always careful with your life.

Can you be trusted?
Can you be jealous?
Can you be clingy?

Please tell me that I'm not mad and that I can be loved.

Will life get better?
Will problems fade?
Will I be saved?

Please tell me that every cloud has a silver lining and soon enough mine will come out,
of the shadows and will show me the light.