Well what can I say?
I hate it so much I don't want to stay.
The teachers are assholes and all they do is shout.
You can't get along unless you're smart mouthed.
You can study your ass off, but still manage to get bad marks.
People might as well cheat, it's better than tapping your feet.
I hate it so much I just want to leave.
No doubt everyone can sympathise.
I can't take the pressure and the stress.
Is it good to hate something with this much passion?
But I guess if you're going to hate something that much,
School is always a good choice.
I used to love it, but now that's changed.
Maybe I just hate the never-ending questions.
I guess I just have to deal even if I'm on the edge.
But in the end I can look back and say that my school days,
Were the shittiest days of my life and I guess that's what i liked.