Chapter One:Memories

"Get back here!" was yelled as cracking of branches and small thumping noises were heard. The bottom of a cloak was seen flowing as a small sharp gasp was heard as the figure fell causeing a large thud to be heard, only two words escaped her mouth but they were muffled and hardly words at all, they were something in code, or a different language. Five people surrounded the girl, they all seemed to be of something high in royalty, clad in small chain link steel mail, one was heard in a breathless hoarse voice saying, well actually yelling "This isn't Valor! This is a girl!" the body was flung aside like an old rag doll, hitting a tree. The girl's hood fell a bit back, a few silver locks of hair falling out, the men saw this and ran, the only way a girl could have silver hair was one of two things, she was cursed or she had magic blood running through her veins. Either way the men were frightened as they darted off, screaming, the only way they could have told is if they looked at her eyes, but she was knocked out cold and they were shut, and the men wouldn't of dared to touch her. They had mistaken her for someone she had known, Valor who was a half panther demon and almost all of the kingdom hated halfbreeds, and non humans at the least. A short banging noise went off as the girl was struken from her old past, that girl with silver hair was her, and those men were searching for Valor,probally her only friend. She shook her head a bit, that memory wasn't supposed to come out, not now and not ever, that had happened six years ago she was eighteen now, and the past was the past. A small clunck noise was heard as the door was open, nobody was there, but something laid on the ground outside the front door, nobody knew where she was except Valor of course, but would he send mail? She lifted up the scroll and walked outside, it was a nice day, sun streaming through small cracks between the forest's massive sized leaves of a variety of trees, she then looked down at the letter. "Did Valor write this?" she thought outloud hearing a thump, she turned to see her friend's face, he seemed rugged with black hair straggleing aroung his face, two small raven colored cat like ears sticking up and places but hardly noticeable. "Did I write what?" he asked looking over to the scroll, his eyes lighting up, "Who sent that?" he said shaking his head a bit, "I sure didn't!Why would I write? I can just drop in on you anytime I want Kyria." She nodded in agreement, "But who sent this?" she said starting to get a little agrivated, only to hide her fear, someone had found her, they wanted Valor, they could find him! she pushed Valor into the hut and smiled, "I'll just have to read it then..." she said and sighed a bit, closing the door with a rather soft clunk noise, hardly noticable.