Chapter Six:Friend or Lover?

Kyria sighed again and wiped the tears away, when bringing her hand back she saw the blood, it must've happened last night, she thought and sighed, reaching into her bag pulling out the herbs that she used on Valor, pressing them to her head withstanding the burning sensation. " where are we off to?" she said nudgeing Valor slightly. "Hm...? Oh well were heading to Sarin Town...It's the town of um....weaponry I believe..." he said and smiled a little, they could actually talk now, but not personal stuff. Valor now found ot that he truly wanted to actually be with her, and he wanted to express it without ruining their friendship, but Kyria felt the same, it was weird that two people could be so close and like eachother but not even see that the other felt that way, expecially since they were the best of friend and had been for the past six years. Valor just looked forward and sighed, he had been to Sarin town before, women swarmed at him there, but it didn't feel right, the first time he had no love intrest but now he was after Kyria's heart. Kyria sighed, and looked over at Valor, their eyes had met and they stared for a minute, stopping straight it their tracks until they both said sorry and turned their heads, Valor looked a bit scared, tonight was the harvest moon and it was probally the worst time for both of them.Valor was shaking between the lines of his ravished side and normal side, his race of demons were moon blooded, they turned beastly and ravishing at full moons. Kyria just shook it off, knowing that they had quite craves for everything food, fights, blood and more... they were vicious in that stage, some even attacked humans which at first had shocked her. She knew that he wouldn't attack her for blood, it was quite weird how they felt the way they did, she didn't know if it was a drive of his ravished side or he actually meant what he had done before, and was she ever going to know? She felt like she did know but that could be anything was the way she kept explianing it to herself. Valor felt almost the same but she expected she hated him, he could spend enless hours at pubs drinking and singing like the men from a not far off land did, but he would rather spend time with Kyria, thinking about her, or doing something with her, he softly hit himself on the forehead, "Bad thoughts..." he whispered to himself. That was what he wanted to do with her, but he didn't know exactly why, there were so many ways this was wrong.