Antennae twitch. Hideous black eyes. Forelimbs attached to mandibles slicing the air up and down. They have come for me and I know not how to escape. The Giant ones they were called, one of their many names, I could not understand them and so in fear tried to escape them. But they are everywhere, one cannot escape them just as one could not escape the shadows. I ran from them and learned to fly, for they could not catch me if I could fly. They remained on the ground and continued to stare with their horrible beady eyes following my motion through the air. Each dive, each twirl, each flap of my nonexistent wings. They saw.

Loud noises were able to rid me of them. The Giant ones like sunlight, it does not bother them as it does their brethren. They try to tell me that. They try to tell me they are kind, that they mean no harm and are sorry to scare me so. I talk to them, say they should try to talk in another way, can they talk? They say no because their vocal chords produce too high a sound for my species to hear. I ask if they can write. They say yes but their alphabet is not the same, the only way we can learn is to listen, watch and wait for someone they can trust to come with their secrets. I am that one because I am special. They call me Banana Kid because I can fly and run away from Superman who tries to keep me in this house with other children but the people there are mean and scary. I smell like the sweet yellow fruit. I don't like them.

Banana Kid can help us, they hiss through a machine that translates for me, only I can hear them because they chose me. Because I don't like Superman and Batman trying to being me back when I escape from my pen. They want to help me but I don't know how. Where are we? I ask and they say we are Underground. I ask what are you and they say Spawn of Man. They like to tell stories and I like to listen so they make me listen to their story.

They know I don't like Batman for always knowing where I am, I don't like Superman for always flying me back. The Giant ones breathe in and out, it hurts them to be here outside their own homes. They tell me their tale. We used to be like you wandering around escaping loud noises and always trying to hide. But then we changed, we turned into people but we were always people. People hate and people die. People hurt things and people lie. People are evil and should be destroyed because people don't like the things that we humans enjoy. They say they were confused at all the sudden changes, people hurt them because people did not believe them. People called them names and threw things at them, then they started screaming because the Giant ones had changed back. The Giant ones had armor! The Giant ones were protected! The Giant ones went up to the people and ate them, smashed them, killed them all for laughing, for yelling for hitting them when they tried to speak the truth.

The Giant ones don't know how long they did that or how many they took because everything went dark and they saw they could not see things the way they were but how things are. They sometimes see the future but it's not always right because sometimes something happens and changes the happiness to a fight. They want to change me into one of them. But I don not know what others will think of me when I do the same to them. The Giant ones say that changing into them is easy and is always the same, the killings never seem to end unless the humans stop its spread. They say I can change that, they know it to be true because of what they've seen willing to do. They know I will talk, they know that I can, what they also know but do not tell me is if all the humans can. They want, the three of them because they were so large, to have me their leader because I would not charge.

They say that I listen, that I like to watch. They say that if I came to them they would learn how to talk. My machine disappeared from my hands and soon they begin to vanish, I call out to them to come back but they say I am banished. I let one little doubt grow and they can feel it there, lodging itself into my brain telling me to say no. Too bad we did not see this before it was too late, I've learned too much so now their lives are at stake. They say they do not want to kill me but I know that they must. I call to them saying their secrets are safe with my trust. I would not betray them to others who do not know, because no one will believe me, (the very reason I am writing so). They turn around so I can see their faces, finally the middle one asks, how can we be certain? We know people are evil and only want to kill us. Prove to us that you are not and maybe we come back to finish that which we have started, and let you in our Trust.

I tell them I will wait until they choose to return, so far I have heard nothing from them. I think they have forgotten. But I wish for them to tell me what doubt it is they saw. Maybe if I knew, I could throw it out and then maybe they'd come back. And maybe I could discover then, what it is they mean when they told me to listen, watch and learn.