It's 2005.

Two thousand and five, already?

It seems like it was 2004 yesterday.

So lets take the time to sit back and reflect and look into the yesteryear.

Though the good, and the bad.

The laughs the tears.

The friends we made, the friends we lost.

The people who were born, the people who died.

Conquering fears, generating new ones.

It's just another year, a trip around the sun.

But it could be taken as so much more.

Or so much less.

The new songs, the old ones.

The teachers we pissed off, the teachers we pleased.

The parents we screamed at, the parents we loved.

Looking at the different things that happened in 2004.

Would be so long to list.

President Bush was re-elected.

Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-singing.

Nick and Jessica Simpson broke up.

Jen and Brad broke up too.

It was a year of surprises and disappointments.

What will 2005 bring us?

Something to sit back on when we're older and say:

"Oh, I remember that."

Soon 2005 will be a memory just like 2004.

What will you remember 2004 by?

The songs?

The controversies?

The breakups?

The get togethers?

The disappointments?

The art work?

The gizmos?

The apparel?

Or will it just be another stepping stone in your life?

To sit back and think?

Would you even care about 2004 at all?