Transfixed....a Labyrinth frantic

1- Spellbound

Summoning a crystal, he watched her- spellbound. The Goblin King was transfixed in his vision of Sarah...she was reading her favorite book-'The Labyrinth'- in her room. Jareth sighed and cast a glare around his empty throne room...suspicious one of his goblin-minions was approaching. Still gazing at the crystal, Jareth thought himself back to his bedroom of black, and lazed on his bed, smiling to himself as Sarah looked up from her homework into his eyes and waved. Shooting a query through the crystal, Jareth saw Sarah's nod of assent and moments later, she was sitting on the edge of the Goblin King's bed, laughing at the dizziness of the trip.

Down the corridor, Hoggle heard his master's laughter echo, and the little goblin scurried towards the chamber. Knocking and waiting, Hoggle hoped it was Sarah who had been able to call His Highness out of brooding. Jareth was always happier when Sarah was around- he found that he could let the mask of hardened-indifference and cruelty fall away, and truly be his new-found self.

Ears pricked to the slight intrusion, Jareth motioned the door open with a stare, and in stumbled Hoggle. The goblin bowed respectfully before his King, sure to keep the happiness from his face while addressing Jareth's needs.

"You may greet the Lady", Jareth allowed after a few moments of the goblin's genuflection, and Hoggle made his way towards Sarah. She, in turn had jumped off the high bed, and closed the space between them by capturing Hoggle in an embrace.

Jareth barely hid his smile as he watched Hoggle squirm in Sarah's arms. Hoggle had never been one for physical contact, and the goblin's distaste for it had grown a trifle since Sarah began visiting the castle.

Sarah caught Jareth's eyes as her friend continued his excited rush of news of goings-on since she left after her visit last month. Truthfully, this occasion wasn't the most recent of visits to the Goblin King's castle--just over a week ago, Sarah had summoned Jareth and they'd visited together whilst going for rides on their horses, dining together in the evenings, and dancing and conversing before bed.

Time moved differently in Jareth's realm, so a day there was almost two hours in Sarah's world--something they'd figured out one afternoon while playing Goblin Chess.

No-one knew the Jareth that Sarah did, and even that had taken Sarah some time. Jareth was quite an imposing figure--terrifying those he governed to keep some semblance of order in a world where nothing is as it seems, and illusion is all based on perception.

Behind the facade, Jareth was a quiet, brooding guy, who liked to get lost in his thoughts- when not distracted by his duty as King. Sarah found him fascinating--very much unlike some of the other rulers of realms that she had met through her course of discovery in the Labyrinth's political ties. Jareth regarded Sarah with a deep respect, and mirrored her fascination--to the point of infatuation. She was the only girl- mortal, really -that had ever solved his Labyrinth. She puzzled him to no end- and Jareth liked a good mystery.

Jareth was distracted from his thoughts by a resounding knock on the door. Looking at Sarah with a slight grin, he opened the heavy door with a gesture of his hand, and the shadow of a small goblin could be made out in the dim light of the corridor. It was Hoggle- Sarah recognized him immediately, and glancing at Jareth-who nodded-Sarah jumped off of the bed, and ran towards Hoggle.

Despite his joy and surprise, Hoggle's immediate reaction to Sarah was to turn and run towards the fireplace. Laughing at her friend, Sarah just caught up with him, and, to Hoggle's astonishment, held out her hand for him to shake.