She stood there by the door

Waiting for me to wake up

Instead of hugs

Instead of kisses

And a warm greeting of good morning,

I woke up in pain (again)

But there were no bruises

No marks, no scratches

But a burning scar in my heart

And my ears wanting to shut.

Those words.

I never want to hear them again

But it's stuck in my head

Bouncing back and forth

Tormenting me

Taunting imperfection

I was imperfect

But who's not?

Everybody has their flaws

Not her.

She's perfect.

She's too god damn perfect.

I am the only mistake.

Anger enveloped me




I wanted to shout

To shout all my anger

But no sound came

I opened my dried mouth

No voice


Soon tears were dripping

My hurt heart weeping

Tears filling into this endless sea

My sea of sadness.

Her words, there's nothing I could do

I'm ruined. I'm wrecked

Everyday those words lessen me.

Hitting me hard

She could have just slapped me

Coz its pain would soon disappear

But what can I say?


Emotional torture is even better.

I hated her.

Now I hate her.

And yet I loved to be like her

Blemish free.

Yes, just like her