Alright down to business.

The story Aurora is a story I'm writting about a young girl who is the single key to saving her world of Tirona.

Tirona is a realitively underdeveloped planet, but the beings on the planet are of many species.





Monster- or socalled by humanoids

There are many more species but these ones are the easist to catagorize.

In this story Aurora is a young girl Elf/Sorceress. She was given up as a child to the remote village of Rumas. When she turned 12, she was forced to attempt to get chosen as a bride. She runs away and gains many friends. Her powers begain to develope and then the real story starts a few years later. She learns a few things and has a most interesting romantic intrest!

This story will be posted little by little! I hope you take the time to read it!