Prolouge Part 5

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Auroras body chilled imensely. She began to actually feel a little less numb. Glanceing down at her body a slight blush began to heat her tanned cheeks. Her robe was lying on the ground next to her . While still in the embrace she opened her mind towards Cqriell's.

"Cqriell..."she asked meekly.

"Cqriell?" she asked agin, her voice a little more powerful.

Cqriell opend her mind oblidgingly.

"Yes Aurora?" The response came.

Aurora released the embrace as she stared into her friends bright green eyes, "Umm.. what happened to my robe?"

Cqriell laughed lightly, "Well.. you werewere burning up, so we had to cool down your body some how..." her mental voice faltered for a split second as her head hung in emotional pain.

"...But, then you had no pulse. You were dead. Your heart didnt beat... and...I thought..." she snifled as she turned her face away to wipe the tears from her reddened cheeks.

Aurora's mood turned somber. She reached her hand slowly out to grasp the robe. He reavealed skin was beginging toform goosebumpsfrom the winds chill. Her undergarments were not very warm or conceiling. She quickly pulled it on as she stood and streached her muscles.

Wrapping her arms across ehr chest, she stared off in to space , her once kneeling friend stood as well, the prince soon followed suit.

Auroras voice sound distent and confused, " I was dead, rather I was in death. I went all the way to the second precinct."

The prince, Manhin, and Trendal stared at her now, totally confused.As well as frightened.

Cqriell gasped, but kept quiet as Aurora continued.

"Calor was there, it was such a horrible place..." She turned her head down in thought, hiding her eyes. After a few seconds she lifted her gaze towards Cqriell, a weak smile on her face.

"Let usjust get on with our travels for now?" hertone sounded as if she despratelywanted to forget the expierence.

Aurora glanced around and grimaced, "You call this a camp?" Shestuck her hands to her hips and shook her head in mock dissaproval. A humorous smile playing at the corner of her lips.

The prince, Manhin, and Trendal started murmuring quick excuses as Aurora laughed at their antics.

Cqriell glanced subconciously at the posistion of the sun ands sighed, "It is getting late, " she turned so she faced the three guys, "You three go gather fire wood. We will set up camp." She reached in her pack and smiled as she pulled something out.

She handed each of them a small hatchetandushered them towards the woods. After slumped shuldered menwere almost out of sight she swiftly turned and called out, " Dont kill any of the young trees!" Appeased she made her way towards Aurora.

Aurora watched her with an eyebrow raised. Cqriell just shrugged her shoulders and began pulling out the tents her and Aurora had used before.

Ater a few minutes the area was set up with three tents and small pit for the fire, two long logs for a place to sit and a nice place to cook over the fire. By now the sun was lazily resting on the horizon and the night sky was beginning to darken the forest.

The girls sat next to each other on one of the logs edges. Cqriell watched Auroras face closely.

"What happed there?" She asked her voice curious and worried.

Aurora wasfacinated by the flames licking at the darkness, eating the shadows and and sheading a small dull light over the camp sight. She sighed as her eyes grew alight from the reflection of the flame, Cqriell was concentreted on Auroras answer.

"It was hot, and humid, the air was thick and groggy, both precincts were different, "She started, "both showing some form of death. The worse part, Calor. He was slowly trudging out of death. He said he could always come back no matter how many times we killed him. " Her face scrunched up in thought, "There has to be a way though, for him to never come back." Her eyes turned toward Cqriell, a qustioning look in her eyes.

Cqriell tilted her head back as she glanced up at the stars and wrapped her arms around her body, the echo of hatchets hitting wood far off in the distance."But aren't there two parts of death? The Gonha and Kaji. The Strongest and yet most pleasent, for those who have done good in their life, Gonha, and the one with the weakest pull for thewickedest ones, Kaji?"

Aurorasighed as thoughtes swireld around her head, "Yeah. There are. The pull of Kanji used to be the strongest though, But each time a deity or evil presence transfers from Kaji to life the pull weakens."

Cqriell grimiced in distaste, " That bastard should be sent past the eighth precinct and-" she stopped and tilted her head towards the surrounding woods. Aurora did like wise.

"Ahh. So they finally come back." cqriell chuckled, " And I had thought they ran away."

The two girls laughed as the the guys entered the clearing. All three of them carrying a handful of wood, Trendal carrying the most, The prince carrying the least.

The three put their loads down by the fire. Manhin added afew of his peices on to the fire. The prince and his gaurds glanced around the camp as they too took a set onthe log opposit of the girls.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence the prince cleared his throat.

"---- " he glanced around happy to have everyones attention," So, where are you two from?" he asked, his eyes resting on the two girls through the flickering flame.

Aurora and Cqriell smiled, "We are from the village of Rumas." They smiled slightly at each other in secret humor.

The Prince smiled, " Well I am Prince Dran Bure Salties the first, to properly introduce myself that is." he bowed his head slightly.

Aurora looked at him and smiled, " Aurora Silvia Beare, in your company." She bowed slightly while chuckling softly.

Next it was Cqriells turn." Also in your company, Cqriell Lamour Frain." she insted of bowing, did a miny curtsy.

Trendal and Manhin stood up, " Trendal Qarn Vaz and Manhin Kots Suze in his Majesties , prince Dran Bure Salties service." Both bowed fluidly and took a seat.

Aurora and Cqriell Clapped." I say, their performance was the best." retorted Cqriell. Everyone laughed but there wassomethingtroubling on Trendals mind.

The fire died down a bit and Aurora yawned. " Well I am tired so I guessI willgo to sleep." She stood from her posistioned and streached slightly.

Cqriell yawned next , " Yeah. I thinkI willjoin."

Then as if in a dominos sequenceDran yawned by followed by Trendal and last Manhin.

The girls laughed as they climbed in to one of the three tents set up and curled up into their bedrolls.

The prince followed suit but went to his own tent. He laid down quietly, and wrapped the cover around himself whilwondering if he would be able to talk them in to coming back to the castle with him.

Trendal and manhin stayed by the fire. After about twenty minutes Trendal turned towards Manhin his eyebrows forrowed together in thought.

"Beare, Frain. You dont think-"

Manhin turned to him his Brown eyes glowing slightly in the fire light. His rounded features hidden from view by the shadows dancing across his face. His low cheek bone making him look old and at the same time sad.

"I really dont know. It is possible. I mean. We both saw what Aurora did, but if so... then why would Miss Anvoura keep it such a secret. And Miss Britanelle. They were such nice ladies."

Trendals sharp features and low cheekbones stood out, illumintaed by the flame , his blue eyes searching Manhins face. he sighed in deafeat.

" I guesse we just dont know. But lets hope that Miss Anvoura and Miss Britanelle come back soon. Our Kingdom is abut to wage a war and if this goes on a lot of innocentpeople will die meaninglassly...." the two silently stodd up and trudged to their tent.

The two fell asleep shortly after.


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