If ties are broken,

If friendships lost,

When I have done all

I could think to do,

The mourning period

Is short.

I can't spend

My whole life

Rethinking things.

I have made mistakes.

I have said things

I shouldn't.

I have tried to make amends.

If they do not work

That is fine.

I can't expect people

To take responsibility

For their actions

Sometimes I myself

Haven't done it.

But I am sorry.

I did try to make amends.

Or to the best of my abilty.

There will be no more

Tears though,

Sometimes things just don't

Work out.

And there is nothing

Wrong with that

Sometimes friendships

Are just meant to fail.

And there is nothing

That can be done.

I write,

I call,

I email,

I give repeated chances,

That is all I can do,

Besides wait for the

Other person to

Decide it is okay for

Me to be in their life.

But sometimes it may

Be too late.

The friendship

Just a memory of

Some by

Gone era

A long time ago,

When things

Were different.