Creatures of the Deep Sky
Creatures of the Deep Sky

Alit upon our wand'ring star,
It gave us hope to come this far,
Gave us courage, wings to fly
Far beyond the stars, the sky.
We dreamt of worlds we must explore,
Each world a key to one more door.
We built our ships for starscape flight
'Til spindle-stars traversed the night.
In each crevasse, uncharted space
Held new beginnings man should face.
Until, at last, we came to find
The deepest sky was in our minds.

This echo chamber of our thoughts
Contains what is and what is not,
And one must just believe to see,
So there we find infinity.

If space itself is infinite,
"Why?" we ask. "What comes of it?"
Perhaps when we in starlight trod,
We sail upon the mind of God.