You've been busy lately I see.
Yes, yes, busy as a little bee.
But tell me, all of these chores,
Dishes, dusting, these things you abhor,
Tell me, why the sudden interest?

You know as well as I that I haven't been sleeping well.

Ah, so true, so true, I know.
I've seen the lights upstairs softly aglow
For long hours into the night.
Perhaps filled with contrite?
No, no, I know the answer.

Do you believe in fate? What I mean is, after so many coincidences, is it possible they aren't coincidences?

Changing the subject, are we?
I bow to the will of the marquis.
Fate then. You wish to know of fate?
I'll give it to you straight.
I doubt you'll like it though.

Tell me. Tell me, or I'm leaving. I'll find my answers elsewhere.

You'd never; no, you would not.
You need what I've got.
You need what I know,
Which, I suppose, I shall bestow
In good time, sir. In good time, aye.

Damn you.

I think not. You'd only damn yourself.
Might as well take that poison off the shelf
For all the good it would do.
You know what I say is not untrue.
Damn me, damn yourself.

Then out with the answer.

Oh, pushy, pushy. I know it's the girl.
Ah, there, I see your lip curl.
You thought I didn't know, eh boy?
Best call her Helen, son, for she's in Troy.
You'll never get her.

Then why has fate brought me to her?

So now we've come back around.
Where to start, the answers do abound.
But I doubt you'll like any of them
For any of them me you'll condemn,
But if you insist…

I do, so speak.

I cannot. You do not know the answer.
I'll put it another way if you'd prefer.
What man can ask a question
To himself? Aye this, this is my confession.
So wake up, Freeman… wake up.