Original Date: 1-16-2005


What comes first?
The taunting thirst
Ocean of jade—my droplet of water fills the dearth
Static dreams
Revel ghosts of the empire.
I've braved the curse; I lay invisible to others...
What I loved most, and others don't
Nay they can't, shan't, won't.
My best I've tried; here I rest forever.

In the absence of light, darkness reigns—
the sound of footsteps on dead leaves.
Without love there's a smell that keeps one from breathing.
A bothersome, bittersweet silence resides in its absence.

I die contentedly:
The glass man within
—silence hurts.
An entangled summary
Weird it is, it is mine!

>>>>>>>>>>Written while in college (UGA)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>