So mad I'm laughing

And you ask me

Is anything wrong?

I smile my crazed smile

'No, no, I just trusted you

With all my heart and

You told and now

The world knows
my secrets

My pain

My life'

I thought I could trust you

But can't

It's so easy to

Pretend I don't care

Much easier then

Telling you

I'm hurt

No more secrets will

I share with you


Now I know

The truth

Any thing

I tell you

Will be passed

Like a plague

From person to person

So the next time

I hear my secrets

They will come from a

Stranger's lips
garbled with lies

You made me

Crazy with


As I watched


Stare at me

When I walked

Asking if I

Really cut

While they



Holding out a

Print out of

Cheese Grater Skin

They can see

My arms

Smooth and


Asking if

I was

Beatin' at home

If my Mommy and
Daddy raped me
or beat me

I really hope

You're happy

Now as

You're little

Bitchy clique

Stare at me in disgust

Whispering behind

My back

Spreading lies

Like wildfire

Teachers talk about me


Did you know that?

And I 'm so mad at

You I'm laughing

A manic sound that makes

People stare

As you continue

To pretend you