It was his breathing that woke me, short and uneven.

He was nowhere near me, but it echoed in my head, and I knew. It was just that prickling, that icy irritation in my chest.


It was cold in Thaniel's room, in his bed, my breath made steam clouds, and I could smell him on the scarce and ratty sheets.

Smell his skin.

So I left him, slipped form beneath his heavy unmoving form to drift out of the darkness of his room and flutter down the hallway to mine, dressing for once, as myself, and nobody else.

Jeans, ratty, boycut, tight on the hips and loose on the legs, sandals with thatch-weaved soles, my multicoloured toes peeking out from beneath the ravaged cuffs, a button-up famer's shirt that must have belonged to Gryphon, and a bra. Black. Laced, covered.

It was me and a leather back-pack and the open road. My thumb piercing the shine of car headlights.

As I waited, unacustomed to the unforgiving cold of night and shied away from the darkness off the brush along the highway.

Eventually, a woman stopped. She was only a couple years older than I.

She had messy dirty blonde hair and green eyes. A touque. She said she was coming from a farm. She was bringing her mother apples. Fresh, unwaxed, unsterilized. Wormy sometimes. Fresh and sweet and real often.

Her name, she said, was Ingrid. She lived in her purple Volkswagon Camper Van. And she was a vegan, a feminist, an environmentalist. As well as a humanitarian.

She smiled a lot and her eyes were bright. She told me a lot, but only because I asked her, otherwise she was quietly warm. She didn't drink, or smoke ; her body was a temple. And she had just recently lost her virginity to a quiet boy in her media arts class.

He had longish brown hair, she said, and his name was Theo. She probably wouldn't ever see him again outside of class, but it didn't worry her. She wasn't particularly attached to him.

She wanted to travel anyways, leave the country.

She parked outside the hospital, after telling me that I could come back and stay in her van overnight if I needed to.

I emerged again an hour later. A soft smile on my lips.

Gryphon was alive.

And he never wanted to see me again.

I went to the payphone and inserted a 1979 quarter. I dialed the number to Thaniel's room, then hung up before it could ring, reinserting the quarter and dialing Zakei's number instead.

Sergio answered the phone.

« Hello ? » his voice was low and sleepy.

I smiled because I felt love for him, at that moment, deep and pure, as though he were my brother.

« Gryphon killed my dad. My dad shot him and though he was dead, and Gryphon pulled a knife on him and hacked him up. »

There was a long silence on the other end, then a slow inhale. « How's Gryphon ? »

« alive. » my voice sounded hollow and empty.

« Good, good. » there didn't appear to be anythinng else for him to say.

« I'm not coming back, Sergio. » I whispered.

There was that silence again. The phone shook in my hands, and I squeezed it so hard my knuckles went white.

« You're leaving us behind. »

« No. I'm climbing out of the hole. I'm leaving my life behind. »

« It's the same thing- » he started.

« It isn't ! Fuck, Sergio, I can't be good anymore. I'm not coming back. Tell them I killed myself or something. I don't have parents, I don't have a brother, I don't have anything anymore.» my voice grew quieter and quieter as I spoke. « You can leave too, Sergio. Trust me on this, it doesn't take much effort to leave everything behind. »

« Yes, it does. » he paused to do something that sounded greatly like thumping his head againts the wall, « I can't leave Zakei behind. I love him. »

I laughed then, my voice swirling hoarsely into the mouth-piece. « Like he loves you. »

I hung up.

Thaniel stirred and woke. Sammy's disappearance was a relief. Because it meant he didn't have to say good bye.

Sergio hung up the phone and turned to stare at Zakei. He left the sculptor alone in the bathtub, his pale skin wrinkling from the moisture, to go back to his room and paint a girl for the very last time.

Zakei spoke of and heard nothing.

Whilst stories began to end, his continued on.

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