Hey, Alice, do you ever get tired of Wonderland

And all its magic visions?

'Cause I heard they're offering a money back


Hey, Alice, wondering if you ever get tired

Of all these dark forests of smoke and smiles,

And you're always last; forget to be free

So why?

Well, Alice, how's the view from way up there

And is it hard to be so big and alone?

Wondering if it's any easier being small

Gazing up at the sky and scream it isn't fair.

Are you tired of looking through all these mirrors?

Reflections change and you can't find yourself

Too bad, Alice, turn back to your dream

Of curious tales and curiouser wealth.

Bow to Time and heart's Queen.

So, Alice, do you ever get tired

Of these opium roses, wonder

Where the hell's the daisies?

Hey, Alice, you're out of change and the tickets are sold out

To escape this nightmare on the first train away.

So sorry, Alice, 'cause I know it's hard

to face up to reality.

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