insert depressing title here

Move on

I never imagined I'd have to

I always saw us together in the end

But no

You've turned your attention elsewhere

While I sit here and freeze

Loneliness is cold as ice

When it comes in contact

With a young heart

Odorless and tasteless as it slips down my throat

But the cold, oh, the cold venom

Too much mayhem inside my head

I feel dizzy whenever I concentrate

I fall down, but as I regain a foundation

It shakes and breaks and rips apart

Just like my heart

Getting over you is too scary of a thought

I've always liked you so much

For the past three years

I never fully got over you

You were always in the back of my mind

And always in the core of my heart

Even before I knew you, I'd dream

Of one day meeting someone like you

Someone I could trust with my heart

Someone I could trust with my trust

Someone like you, yes, you

Now they're saying to move on

Leave you behind

Get over you

Well, what if I don't want to?

What if I want to like you?

What if I don't want to move on?

Everything now is a hassle

School, chores, even fun

Because the only thing I can ever think of

Is you

Oh, how I've always dreamed of the day

Where I would be in your welcoming arms

And not as just a friendly hug

But a boyfriend-girlfriend hug

And then we'd kiss

But to have the thousands of dreams

Crash down upon my fragile mind

The thoughts collide and repel

Contradictions and harmonizations

But the sheer chaos is unbearable

I can't take it anymore

What's wrong with me?

Why can't I think about anything else?

Move on, they say, but they don't know

How much I really don't want to let go