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AN: This is NOT the legend. This is where the two sisters come in.


Chapter 1

"Kiri! Wake-up!" Ori yelled at her older sister.

"Five more minutes." She mumbled. Ori smiled. She went back in her room and came out. She put something under the covers and walked out of the room. Not long after she heard her sister scream.

"Ori!" Kiri started. "What have I told you about putting snakes in my tatami?"

"Aw! But Hebi's such a nice snake!" She whined.

"I don't care how nice she is, I don't want a reptile, an amphibian, a flying mammal, a bird, or a fish of any sort in my bed!" She said and then stormed into her room to get ready. Ori tapped Hebi the snake on the head and she turned back into paper. That was her "gift." She could fold paper into different objects and make them come alive. Kiri could cut things into different objects and make them come alive. Kiri walked into her room and pulled out her uniform. It was a plain pleated mini skirt with a sailor top. She pulled on her socks and went downstairs for breakfast. Kiri was the better cook of the two. Kiri was packing their lunches and had already set out breakfast. Ori ate her breakfast quickly and got their briefcases. It was about quarter past eight so they only had fifteen minutes to get to school. They had to leave within five minutes or they would be late.

"Come on, Ori!" Kiri yelled from the door.

"Coming!" Ori yelled back. She hurried to the door and slipped her shoes on. They locked up the temple and hurried down the stairs. They lived at a shrine about ten minutes from their school in Kamakura. They had a lot of people visit during the holidays and over spring, winter, and summer breaks. The shrine was owned by their Aunt Teitamu. They called her Aunt Te-chan for short. She didn't get up until noon and was a bit on the lazy side but she was an all-around good person.

They had gotten to the end of the stairs and met their friends at the bottom. Hitomi was the first to say hi.

"Hey, Ori! Did you study for the math test today?" Hitomi had long black hair tied into a bun and bright blue eyes that all the boys fawned over.

"Math test?" Ori asked surprised.

"Yeah. It's supposed to be on the first three chapters." Ryu told her. Ryu was the fighter. He was always in some sort of trouble. He didn't get along with very many people and didn't normally appreciate Ori's forgetfulness.

"AWA! I totally forgot! I'm so gonna fail!" Ori said sadly.

"I'll help you study." Kiyoshi told her. Kiyoshi was the quietest of the group. Everyone, except Ori, knew he had the biggest crush on her.

"Arigato Kiyoshi-kun!" She smiled.

"Kiri!" They group turned around to see a young girl run up to them. She was only six and had the greenest eyes you ever would see. "Hi Kiri!" The little girl said when she reached the group.

"Kohana, what are you doing here? I thought you already left for school." Akina told the younger girl. They were obviously sisters as they were sharing the same eyes, hair, and basic shape of their faces.

"I left early, but, halfway there, I remembered that I was supposed to bring in something special today. My teacher calls it 'Mie Ken Konto.'" She told them.

"That's right; you have the new American teacher." Kiri said. Kohana nodded.

"She's really nice. She tells us a lot about America and helps us understand their cultures."

"What do you mean 'cultures?'?" Ryu asked.

"She said that they don't have one set culture, it's a bunch of cultures rolled into one. She said that the schools there were different. They had kindergarten, and for elementary school they had first through fifth. That means you'd be in middle school when you turned eleven instead of twelve. Then you had three years of middle school and four years of high school. Then you could choose if you wanted to go to college or not and you could be in college for however long you wanted. She said you only had to go four years to graduate..."She continued talking about American life and about all the differences in the Japanese culture and the American cultures. When they finally reached the elementary school Kohana left and said she'd see them after school. They walked to their classes and sat in their seats. A few minutes later the teacher came in and started speaking.

"Class, we have two new students with us today. This is Tsukiko and Yoko. They've recently moved here from Osaka. Boys, how about you tell us something about yourselves?"

"He's the troublemaker and I'm the one who has to get him out of trouble." Tsukiko said. He had black hair and hazel eyes. He was a little tall and had a muscular figure. He scanned the classroom.

'You can see his muscles through the school uniform! Oh my god, He's hot!' Kiri thought.

'Glad you think so.' Kiri got startled. She didn't think that.

'Can you hear my thoughts?'

'Yes.' Kiri blushed. 'No need to be embarrassed. And I didn't mean to startle you.'

'That's okay. I'm just not used to people being telekinetic.'

'Understandable. Most people aren't.' He thought back to her as his cousin began to speak.

"I'm Yoko. And, unlike my cousin, I happen to be quite the ladies' man." He winked at Ori. She smiled.

"Right." Tsukiko said sarcastically.

"Okay now boys. Tsukiko, there's a seat open by Kiri, and Yoko, there's a seat by Ori. Girls, raise your hands so they know who is who." They raised their hands.

"I'm Ori." She said to Yoko as he was about to pass her.

"Such a pretty name for a pretty girl." He sat down in the seat.

"Not such a bad name for your physique either." She smiled. Tsukiko sat in the seat beside Kiri.

'You already know my name.' Kiri thought. She knew he had heard her.

"Okay class, today we're starting the chapter on myths." She wrote on the board. "The first myth we're going over is a myth most of you are familiar with. It's the myth of the Gami shrine. As you know, there were two princesses. Their kingdom was attacked and they ran away. They formed the shrine on a hill and disappeared not long after. Some say they committed suicide because they lost their loves in the battle. Others believe the man who attacked them found them and killed them. And others believe that their souls left their bodies and searched for a newer body to possess. The first assignment with this project is to tell me what you think happened to them. The paper must be at least one-thousand words. I'm giving you until Monday to finish it. That's plenty of time. Any questions?"

"Can we work in pairs or groups?" A girl in the back asked.

"Not for the paper. If you want, you can look up information with a friend, and then write the paper on your own, but you will have a group project." Yoko raised his hand. "Yes?"

"There was a similar myth where we were from. It said that there were two princesses who had a curse. Each of them could do one of two things. One practiced Origami, and one practiced Kirigami, but with a twist. If they tapped the thing they created, it would come alive. The Origami sister was a bit of a troublemaker and, when the sisters were to pick out suitable husbands, she played a trick on the suitors. One suitor, who was a powerful Lord, got very angry at the princesses, so about five years after, when the princesses were getting married, the lord destroyed the kingdom, but, somehow, the princesses escaped. They lost everything."

"After that, it's said they traveled for a week or two and found a lake. They created a boathouse and lived there for a couple of years until a stranger came to them. Nobody really knows the rest of the story but it's said that the men they were supposed to marry knew about the curse before they told them. One of their fiancés was telepathic and the other had premonitions. The telepathic one found out about the curse when he was visiting them. The one with the premonitions knew that they were going to die that day. So, before the wedding, he went to the kingdom's priestess. He wanted her to cast a spell on him and his cousin, the telepathic boy. Nobody knows what the spell was but it had something to do with reincarnation." Tsukiko finished.

The rest of the class passed by quickly for Ori and Kiri. Ori got through her math test and Kiri managed to stay awake during lunch. The afternoon came too soon for the girls and it was time to go home. They waved good-bye to their friends and headed home. They were surprised to find Yoko and Tsukiko standing by the gates.

"Hey guys." Ori smiled. Yoko smiled at her.

"We need to talk to you." Tsukiko told them. They only nodded. The foursome were quiet for some time until Kiri finally lost it.

"How did you know about us?"

"Telepathic, remember?" Tsukiko brought up.

"If you're telepathic, then you have premonitions." Ori said.

"Yup." Yoko confirmed.

"We want answers." They said at the same time.

"You'll get them. Follow us." Yoko told them. The girls followed them to a simple house about five minutes from school.

"Where are we?" Ori asked.

"You're at our house." Tsukiko answered. They walked inside and took off their shoes. The boys led them to a room with book shelves lining the walls. Yoko pulled a book off of one of the shelves and placed it on the table in the center of the room. He opened it.

"Kodomo o de naite ken dei,

Ete korera ringu tebiki maro oite goshu in fuu

Ete kerera shukakutentou aterakete

Ken zen kono sakerida kyoute."

"Children of the night and day

Let these rings guide you on your way.

Let these opposites attract

And complete this sacred pact."

"What's that?" Kiri asked.

"That was the chant to initiate the Gami Curse. The Gami Curse is a curse that can only be placed on a certain set of twins. The requirements needed for the curse to be cast are one in one thousand years. The only other recorded Cursing was that of the Princesses. And those are only supposed myths." Yoko explained.

"So we're one of the few who were able to have the curse?" Kiri asked.

"What are the requirements?" Ori wanted to know.

"Yes, you are two of the few. The requirements are simple; you must have completely opposite personalities."

"Tell us about the Curse." They both said simultaneously.

"The Gami Curse. The Gami curse is the Curse to be able to change paper into an object but patting, petting, or tapping the paper." Tsukiko told them. In the original legend, two princesses were to choose suitors. One of the girls played a little prank on the suitors. One suitor got very mad. He happened to be a powerful lord and five years later, attacked the kingdom. The princesses survived at the cost of their true love's lives. They traveled far and made a boathouse on the edge of a lake, one day a stranger, who used to be the priestess of the kingdom goes to the princesses, who are also her nieces. She tells them about the Gami Curse and warns them about the rings she gives them. They decided to build a shrine in hopes they can repent for abandoning their loves behind. But what they didn't know was that The Origami princess's love had gone to the priestess prior to the attack. He had premonitions and he knew that he would die along with his cousin. He asked the priestess if she would cast a spell on him, his cousin, and the two princesses. He asks if the priestess will make it so that until the evil that killed them was vanquished that they would continue being re-incarnated. Because of the rings the princesses had they lived for hundreds of years. Eventually, they both began growing weary of the living world. So they gave a man their shrine and went to a cave. They both lay down and never woke again. The rings they had disappeared and weren't seen again for another five hundred years."

"So you're saying that we're the reincarnations of the two princesses." Kiri said. They nodded.

"And that you're the reincarnations of their loves." Ori said. They nodded again.

"Wow. This whole thing is beyond weird." They both said at the same time.

"What time is it?" Tsukiko asked.

"About quarter after three." Yoko answered.

"It's that late!" Kiri jumped up and ran to the entrance room.

"Aunt Te-chan's going to kill us!" Ori squealed as she put her shoes on.

"We could give you a ride. It'll only take a minute or two. It would take you about fifteen minutes on foot. If we dropped you off it would only take five." Tsukiko offered.

"Arigato Tsukiko-kun!" Kiri said as she grabbed her bag. Yoko and Tsukiko grabbed their shoes and went to the shed to get their bicycles. The girls hopped on the back of them and the guys rode them to the shrine.

"Thanks again you guys!" Kiri said.

"We really appreciate it." Ori told them. They bowed respectfully and the boys shrugged.

"No prob." Yoko told them.

"This is the shrine. From the Gami curse." The girls turned around to the shrine. They could sense a new feeling of respect to the princesses. They had lived on the shrine for five-hundred years. Waiting to die.

"Bye, guys, see you tomorrow." Ori said.

"Thanks again." Kiri told them they waved good-bye and they walked back up the stairs. They quickly did their chores and Kiri went to cook dinner while Ori check inventory for the shine's shop. Before they knew it, it was time for dinner. Ori went to get Aunt Te-chan up and heard her snoring. She peeked in quietly and saw her still in her shrine robes. Ori gently shook her aunt and after a while she got up.

"Ha um gah! What time is it?" She said sleepily.

"It's time for dinner." Ori told her aunt.

"I'll be down in a minute. She said as she pulled out her normal clothes. Ori walked downstairs and sat at the table until Aunt Te came down.

"It' time to eat now!" They all said.

After dinner the girls sat in Kiri's bed for a little bit thinking.

"Kiri, what if those guys are right?"

"I highly doubt that Ori."

"Well, I'm tired, I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

"Night." Kiri said. When Ori had gone Kiri climbed out of the window and sat on the roof for a little bit staring at the stars. She smiled. If it was true, then they had an adventure in front of them. She didn't know how right she was.


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