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Shitsubo Shita: Episode 1

Katsu rushed around his house looking for his book bag and shoes. He had black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. "Everything is never where I leave it!" he yelled.

"What's that?" his Mom, Nakao-san, yelled from the kitchen.

"Nothing" he yelled back. "Found 'ya" he said to himself as he dug out his book bag from the clothes hamper. "Now for my shoes . . ." Katsu moaned.

"You're wearing them, Dear" laughed his mother as she walked in. "You've look stressed ever sense your Father left. It's only for a year" she said rubbing Katsu's back.

"A year is a long time . . . and the war isn't getting any safer" Katsu sighed. He picked up his book bag and walked out the door.

"Oh, if only he knew" his mother whispered as he walked away.

Katsu ran to school without stopping for a break and when he got to class the teacher was waiting for him. "You're late" she spat at Katsu.

"I'm really sorry . . . I couldn't find my book bag" Katsu pleaded.

"Excuse me, but the bell hasn't rung . . ." said a young girl. The teacher looked back at the clock on the wall.

"You're quite right, Okino" the teacher smiled. "Katsu, I believe a "thank you" is required."

"Uh, thanks, Okino-kun" Katsu smiled. Okino had light blue hair with ocean blue eyes. Strange enough she made her grey school outfit look full of color with ribbons, bows, pins, and even her hair was styled in a cute way. Katsu was blushing brightly.

"Class, take your seats, the bell will be ringing" the teacher called out above the students. It seemed she knew the very second the bell rang because after she spoke the bell sounded throughout the school.

It was the middle of the school day when Katsu was called down to the office. "Your mother needs to speak to you" said the principle as he handed Katsu a phone.

"Katsu, is that you?" his mother asked. She sounded like she had been crying for a long time. "Katsu, it's about your father . . ." Nakao-kun cried. Katsu dropped the phone in fear, for he knew what was coming next.

"I'm sorry Katsu . . . it happened just this morning. They've identified the body as your father's and they are sending it home to be buried" said the principle. Katsu sat down on a chair in the principles office and covered his eyes with his hands.

"This can't be happening . . ." Katsu whispered.

"We are allowing you to go home early so you can be with your family" the principle said as he walked Katsu out of his office. Once Katsu reached the street he took off running. He was determined to be there for his mother in her time of need. When he turned a corner he ran into a girl, she looked 17, the same age as him. She had long red hair and purple eyes with darker skin than his.

"Are you alright?" asked the girl.

"I have to get home . . ." Katsu said looking down.

"What happened at home?" the girl asked.

"My dad he's . . ." Katsu started but did not finish.

"Would you like me to walk home with you?" the girl asked.

"Sure, if you want" Katsu said, still looking down.

When Katsu and the girl reached his house they entered through the door and began a huge search for his mother.

"Nakao-san?" the girl asked once she found a woman sitting in the courtyard.

"Who are you?" Katsu's mother asked.

"My name is Ryana, I ran into your son and I wanted to help him" Ryana said.

"Where is my son now?" Nakao-san asked.

"He's still inside looking for you" Ryana replied. As if on queue Katsu ran out of the house and up to his mother.

"How are you feeling?" Katsu asked his mother.

"Better . . ." she replied. "I don't know if I can cook tonight, do you want to go out to eat?" Nakao-san asked Katsu.

"That sounds great" Katsu replied. "We don't eat out much" he stated.

"Ryana, would you like to go out to eat with us?" Nakao-san asked because she was happy that Ryana helped her son.

"I'd love to" Ryana smiled. "Let me ask my Mother if it is okay" Ryana added.

"You can use our phone" Katsu said leading Ryana inside. She called her Mother and got her approval. "My mother wants to know if my sister can meet up with us" Ryana told Nakao-san.

"Of course she can, tell them we are going to the steak house near the school" Nakao-san answered.

"Kyoto Steak house at 4:00" Ryana confirmed to her sister. When she hung up the phone they headed out. The walk was short and there was little to no talking.

"Okino, over here" Ryana called out to her sister. The same Okino that Katsu had met in school was now joining them. Katsu blushed a bit but pulled himself together, he felt really weird though.

"Excuse me for a minute" Katsu said getting up and heading to the restroom. He locked the door and looked in the mirror. "Something doesn't feel right" he said tugging at his sleeves. Suddenly he hit the floor, when he awoke he jumped to his feet because someone was slamming on the door. "Where am I?" asked a young man with dark blue hair. "Wasn't I just on the battlefield?"

"Katsu, are you alright?" asked Nakao-san.

The boy with dark blue hair opened up the bathroom door and stared at Nakao-san. "My name isn't Katsu, its Yami" said the blue haired boy.

"Oh, I'm sorry . . . did you see a young boy with black hair and green eyes come out before you?" Nakao-san asked.

"No I didn't . . . I don't even know what I'm doing here" Yami said.

"Well, aren't you here with your family or friends?" Nakao-san asked.

"I was on a battle field a few minutes ago . . ." Yami replied.


"Yeah, I was in the battle against the attacking Ancient Lands. I was fighting along side a man with the last name Nakao" said Yami. Nakao-san's eyes grew wide and she dropped to her knees. Yami tried to her up but she swatted his hand away. "What's wrong?" Yami asked.

"The man who you fought along side was my . . . husband" Nakao-san sighed. She stood up and walked away as Okino and Ryana ran up to her.

"Is everything alright, who is that young man?" Ryana asked. Okino's jaw dropped as she noticed who he was.

"You are the great samurai, Yami!" Okino said as hearts filled her eyes. "I must have your autograph!" she pleaded. Yami was not paying attention to Okino, but to Ryana instead. She reminded him of someone, but he could not seem to remember the woman she looked like. Yami felt a weird burning as he tried to think about the woman so he stopped thinking about her. Unfortunately he could not stop thinking about Ryana and the burning feeling came back. Yami clenched his fist in pain and tried his best not to show his feelings.

"Ryana . . . I think it is best that you go back to the table" said Nakao-san.

"Okay" she said in a confused tone of voice. She walked back to the seat and sat down in her chair.

"Yami, follow me" Nakao-san said as they exited through the side door of the restaurant, Okino followed. "You share the same body with my son . . ." she sighed. "This form of switching between bodies has been passed down through my husband's family line for quite some time" Nakao-san said quite enough so that Okino couldn't here. Okino wouldn't have heard anyways because she was zoning out over how hot Yami was. "You weren't fighting along side my husband . . . you were fighting in him" Nakao-san said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "You didn't die because you were not the present body, my husband's body was."

"So, the old man didn't make it?" Yami asked.

"Please don't refer to my husband as an "old man" . . ." Nakao-san asked.

"Sorry . . ." Yami replied. "What's wrong with this girl?" he said pointing to Okino.

"I get these phases where I fall in love with different boys. It gets annoying" Okino laughed. "But I think this is more than a phase! I think it is love at first sight!" Okino jumped onto Yami and hugged him tightly. Yami pushed her off and tried to breath from her fan-girl grip.

"Why did your son change into me?" Yami asked.

"When you see the one you love you change to your other body. Katsu must have seen a pretty girl" Nakao-san said, knowing that Okino wasn't listening. Yami first thought was Ryana, and how he hoped that he and Katsu didn't have the same love interest. Ryana walked outside and told Nakao-san that she needed to pay the bill in order for them all to leave. At the sight of Ryana, Yami felt his burning pain again and he ran into the restroom. After a few minutes Katsu walked out of the bathroom and looked around in confusion.

"What the hell happened?" Katsu asked as he walked out to his mother.