What I'm really like.

All people see is a short girl, blondish colored hair.

Black nails, black clothing.

Arm lined in bracelets.

Braces upon her teeth.

Black framed glasses hiding blue eyes.

Black boots, fishnet stockings.

A black bag dangling at her side with silver writing, a blue sticker, and two 'I am loved' pins.

But they don't see it all.

Only if you could look past my exterior.

Seeing what lies beneath.

What my life is really like.

A somewhat abusive father.

A demonic bitch for a stepmother.

A hellion of a half brother who's 4.

A possessed cat that belongs to my stepmother.

A mother that cares yet she doesn't truly care.

And a brother who's there yet never really there unless something tragic happens.

In all reality, I feel like a first grader.

Always told what to do.

When I look into the mirror what I see is completely different from than what others see.

What I see when I look in a mirror.

A small child who's about 5 or 6.

Short blonde hair to her chin with big curly bangs, and a slight wave in her hair.

Not knowing anything.

A Tweety Bird lunch box, with a little note from her grandmother.

Small tiny teeth just poking out of her gums.

A small mole developing above the left of her lips.

Bright stone blue eyes.

In a bright floral dress.

Hair pulled back with a tiny ponytail with her name on the blue ribbon.

In tennis shoes and socks so she can run.

I want to go back to where I was told what to do and I did it.

Great grades, straight teeth, lots of friends.

Always look forward to school.

But we all know that time travel is impossible.

Not being able to go back.

Because what I see in my mirror isn't what others see.

They see my exterior and walk away.