Notes: okay, this is a completely different story from my others, no relation. This would be, because, my sister, Amy, helped to come up with the idea. I figured I should credit her for it here... its very short right now, just a teaser of a prologue, anyways, here goes... and please REVIEW!


The madness was beginning to envelope him. For hours at a time he no longer recalled who he was. All of his mind was bent on one thing, her. Sitting in a darkened room, he held her picture to his chest and rocked. He didn't need the light to know her face. He had seen it so many times that he could conjure it at will in his mind.

The picture was tattered on the edges from so much handling and one edge was jagged. Her boyfriend had been in the picture. "He's always in my way," came the genderless whisper. "I wish I could kill him. If only I could... but she will be mine.." A soft laugh accompanied these words. "And mine alone... forever..."

Laughter echoed in the dark room as the owner sat and rocked... tightly clutching the picture, rocking.