Walking under a blue clear sky.

Seeing what it means to be in America.

Greener grasses.

More job options.

More money.

It's what I've always dreamed of, but first…I have to get there. Being in Ireland trying to get away. Being so far away from a new home, having to get there by boats. And only being aloud to pack some important things, like clothing, maybe even a toy or two. Hoping that the boats will get us there soon. Like a week or two. I wish there would be no storms for the ride there.

It was boarding day, the ride to America was about to start. The ship was huge, looking luxurious. The soft salty mist from the ocean, the wind blowing in my hair ever so gently. Standing with my small bag, stuffed inside is a blanket, a picture, a pillow, a change of clothing, a book and a doll of mine.

Big tall men stood in blue uniforms stood there taking tickets. Mum had hers, and mine and Daddy had his. When it got to our turn the big man screamed Next, and we walked up, Mum handed over her and my tickets and dad handed the man his. He nodded and let us go up the board and on to the ship.

There were tall men dressed in white uniforms and had on Sailor caps. They always stood straight up unless they started to talk to a child of about my size. Then they would bend their knees covering up their black shiny shoes. If the sun hit them just right, they'd be blinding.

We were re-directed down the steps and shoved into tiny spaces, all dusty, dirty and musky. So much for a luxurious trip there. If this is where we had to stay at all times this would be a horrible trip. But I pulled out my blanket, and my pillow and got comfortable in the corner.

There was a faint smell of rum in the air down below the deck. It didn't bug me much, because it's a part of a smell that I smelled every day of my life.

Gentle rocking back and fourth from the ocean. A light ocean mist with salt breezed in the cracks of below the ship. It was almost like being in a black hole with every thing being so dark. The only sources of light were though the cracks, and dim light coming from where we all came down from.

We've been on our voyage for about a week now, and things don't change much. Every now and then the men in the white uniforms would come down and check on every one, and then about twenty minutes later, we would receive a small meal.

All the meals after a while started to taste the same. Except for one day my meal tasted awfully different. But I ate it anyways because it would be the only way I could survive.

That day I started to get sick. So they let me go up on deck for a while to see if that would help ease my stomach. That didn't help much either.

All of a sudden every thing became a blur, and I passed out.

About twenty minutes later I woke up in the infirmary. Then I started to have several short yet violent seizures. Shortly there after I just stopped breathing. I died before I got to see the greener grasses, brighter blue skies, and the golden opportunities that America had to offer. A young girl about 7, from Ireland, no one would remember, but she died out at the Ocean.