Getting What You Didn't Deserve

Day in and day out

You practiced so hard

Chromatic, scales, and prepared

All were wonderful

Last time I heard them

Put together into one audition

I was confident you'd be first

I knew you would be

You just had to be

Scrolling on down the glowing screen

Flute, trumpet, clarinet

All the way down to alto saxophone

Where are you?

Surely there's a mistake

Or maybe you're first alternate

Someone would get sick and you'd be going

It would work out as it was supposed to

But to find out that nine people

Would need to fall ill

To see that you were ninth alternate

Befuddled me and still does

Because if anyone out of our whole district

Deserves that first chair most

That marvelous, fantastic chair

It's you

I know that sounds weird coming from me

We're no longer friends after everything that happened

But even though we have our extreme differences

I still wish you happiness

So, even though you didn't get in

Don't get discouraged over it all

Because people do talk about you

Good things, compliments on your playing

We all know you're an outstanding saxophone

The only doubt in anyone's mind

Lies within your own