If I spoke to you

Would you hear me anyway?

Cause I've got a lot to say

The words are burning up my mind

And you're getting away.

I saw you holding your face

In your hands

Can't help wanting to understand

It's what I do too

When the words eat up my mind

One too many times.

Every time I see you

The words start to move again

And I wish for a moment when

You could understand my mind

Without asking me why.


If I spoke to you

I know you'd laugh anyway

'Cause its stupid what I have to say

The words should stay in my mind

And let you get away.

Your face in your hands

Probably means nothing

Nothing I could understand.

But your sadness is everything

It means everything to me

Not that you'll ever see.

Every day something gets in the way

Trapping down the words

I'm so desperate to say

Every day something gets in the way

So painful to know I can help it

If only I could say, but

Would you listen anyway?