My best interest

"Me and you mom have been talking."

"So?" what do you care

"And we…we think you might be on drugs."

"I'm not." don't believe, never do

"And we're not mad."

"…" bullshit

"But we think it would be in your best interest…"

"…" my best interest?

"If we sent you somewhere where you can get the help you need."

"WE!" not me

"Listen son we just…"

"Not we, YOU, not we, YOU!" NOT ME, NOT ME

"You may not understand now, but we're doing this for you, one day you'll thank us."

"This is for you! I've done everything you said was in 'my best interest!'" never for me, only you

"We're doing this for y…"

"NO NO NO!!! Fuck you and your intest!!! What about what I want, HUH!?!? You never listen to me! EVER!!!" I hate you, I hate you all

"Honey you know we love you, and we know what's best for you."

"NO YOU DON'T!!! YOU KNOW NOTHING!!! I've gone to your churches! Your schools! Your classes! Your functions! Your meetings! Your camps! Your physiatrists! Your EVERYTING!!!" for you, for you, for you




"Son! What the hell is your problem!? We…"

"FUCK YOU!!!" fuck you all

"Honey we…"

"FUCK YOU!!!" fuck you all


"YOU, YOU, YOU!!! NEVER ME!!! EVER!!!. I'm sick of listening to you! I'm sick of living in your box! So have fun." sayonara




Your best interest