Sometimes I want poetry to find its way out of my head
When you're around.
And sometimes I want to recite some masterpiece
So I can give it to you and not have to worry about
Spelling it right.

You'll understand if I suddenly stop making sense,
Mixing words around and making everything sound beautiful
Just so it goes better with your eyes.
Aren't you a yellow tulip? I thought I heard it said.
Don't move so quickly when I'm trying to
Catch you with the Christmas lights behind you.

Try making sense yourself
When someone steals away your thoughts
Like a strobe light
And gives them back gently only to find
You don't need them anymore.

I'd like you to let yourself fall into my arms,
Because it would be better that way.
I'd kiss you for the second time and let my thoughts
Become yours as the sun goes down.
Am I spelling this right?
I don't believe it maters anymore.