"The Unforgiven"

I saw an angel once,
as he was cast out of the sky,
pushed, rejected from his heaven,
pleading with his soul to die.
I sat and watched him for a while,
and I began to see,
his white wings were dissolving; turning black,
he was no different than me.
"Pretty little wretch.." I spewed,
through the pouring rain.
The betrayed angel glanced up,
his eyes held fury, pain.
"Disgusting mortal!" He countered,
and I was made to laugh.
This outcast knew nothing,
could he not understand that?
"Do you know, who I am?" I shouted,
and he gave a nasty smirk.
"You're Raziel.." He realised,
"The angel bound to this hell called Earth."
I nodded rather slowly,
and this I said to him:
"I'm Raziel the Cursed,
and the first to understand,
that love will get you nothing:
neither smile nor helping hand."
He continued looking at me,
his expression hadn't changed,
so some shred of soul compelled me,
I needed to explain.
"I'm the first to understand distance,
that space devoid of love,
and the hatred that fills me now,
is a murmur in my blood."
His eyes becamse softer then,
and through his anguish, driven,
to place a kiss upon my cheek,
whispering, "We are unforgiven.."