Mandy started down at the keyboard. She looked at the letters clearly printed in white on the ebony-colored keys. THINK, she told herself, but nothing came out. She gently ran her forefinger over the keys and again tried to type something. The words were in her head, but there was no connection. Okay, she thought, type in the first word that comes to mind. She typed and then, stared at the screen:


Exquisite? How was THAT supposed to help? Industrialization in England wasn't exquisite, it was a huge trend the completely revolutionized England. She sighed. This damn paper, she thought, WHY can't I write this year? It's like everything I was good at is gone. Mandy sighed again and looked down at her noted. Okay, she thought, England was GOOD to industrialize.


Because the standard of living improved.


Inventions in the textile industry made the availability of clothes and other goods to reach more people.


Inventions in transportation made it possible to travel over long distances quicker,

AND... provided jobs to those who were previously unemployed.


Great, she thought, where can I go from there? She sighed once again. It seemed hopeless; she would be bringing home another C or maybe even an F on this paper. Mandy wrote down another word:


She stared at the screen in disbelief. No way, she thought, I can't be THAT stuck. But it was true; she had gone from exquisite to England in five minutes. Ok. Time to think. What did the Industrial Revolution do? The Industrial Revolution had an effect on politics.


It led to the passing of the Reform Act of 1832.


"Addressed the concentration of population in districts with almost no representation in Parliament, expanding the electorate, leading to the founding of modern political parties and initiating a series of reforms which would continue to the 20th century".

Which means…

I have no idea, Mandy thought. Sighing, Many turned back to her unwritten essay and stared at the screen until guilt overrode her need for perfection. Then, Many typed in meaningless sentences, printed it out and hoped for the best.