Trapped in the lies

That have emerged with time

I struggle to escape

From the binding chains on my soul

Caught in the web of

Deceit and treachery

I try to save myself

Before I morph into one of them

Every morning my eyes open

But the only thing I can see

Are the venomous words that fly

About in the cold air

At night when the world sleeps

I keep my eyes open

For fear of falling into darkness

Into the angry midst of my past

Trapped in the lies

That deeply punctures into my heart

I vow to leave this behind

And travel to someplace pure

There is too much betrayal

Too much pain, too much anger

What good can come from this?

Who can vanquish these things?

The only thing that can be done

Is to practice resistance

To forever breakout of the endless cycle

That is my life