The angel's crooked halos are all that remain

The boring nature of your superficial sighs is intoxicating

The collision of crazy truths says I c a n ' t breathe

The diamonds in my eyes are not sparkling for you tonight

The enchantment of my heart is not so easy as painting ceilings with a roller

The future lies ahead diminished in the reality of distance

The gruesome black holes you have for eyes don't scare me

The halation around your T.V. screen is blinding

The images of your face I'd like to smear color on your soul

The joke is on you

The kiss on my lips waits for you still

The lies we traded will not soon fade out

The mocking grin that twists your features leaves me silent

The nicotine words you spoke : I'm no longer addicted

The oxygen rushes into my starved lungs

The plethora of blood crowding your cheeks makes me blush too

The quirks of mine that you once adored become more prominent with time

The reckless belittling besotted questions stunned me into submission

The scandal is in your inability to reach out when you have deemed it unimportant

The trappings come with the package

The unoriginality of the shine at my throat makes the scent that much sweeter

The vile serpents of secrets I could release stay caged behind iron bars

The whispered haunts in the hallway cannot follow me

The xenon in the lamps weighs the room down

The yearning in my heart urges me to play the fool

The zigzag of my path promises that you and I will meet again