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This story is about a sickly boy, who wants to see the world. He gets his wish when a young Australian man comes around, simply looking for a place to stay the night. As they're knowledge of the world grows, they're bond grows with each passing city. At first they are friends, but soon become more.

This takes place in the year 1933. Why? Because Ari-chan and Ri-chan want it to be that's why.


It was a warm summer day in Tokyo, Japan. A boy in his late teens was sitting up on his futon, his legs brought up to his chest, and looking outside the window where a little bird was flying around the wind chime that hung from the roof of the porch, the little metal bars clinking together, making a calming noise. A soft knock on his door drew his attention away from the outside. "Come in," He said, turning his head to cough violently.

A woman in a light yellow yukata slid the shoji door open, smiling at him. "Good morning, Hitoshi, did you sleep well last night?"

The boy nodded. "Yes, mother, better than the night before last."

The woman smiled, putting the back of her hand to his forehead. "You still feel a little warm, maybe it's because you were under the covers. Shall I call Doctor Seiji over to check on you?"

The boy, Hitoshi, shook his head. "Maybe a little later tonight. I just want some peace now."

His mother nodded. "All right. Just let me know if you don't feel well,"

"Yes mother."

There was a knock on the door, where a young man about nineteen stood. He looked quite strange, and was definitely not Japanese. He wore a black sweater and blue jeans, along with white sandals. But that wasn't the interesting part. What was, was the large rifle on his back and the Australian style hat. ( not sure what they're called)

Hitoshi's mother gasped slightly when she opened the door. She bowed. "P-Please," She said in the best English she knew, "we do not have much. T-The little money we have, I must use t-to take care of my s-son," She fearfully eyed the rifle on the man's back, thinking he was a thief.

The young man turned around smiling. "Your son? Is he sick?" He had a slight Australian accent.

"Y-Yes...." She stammered. "I-I need the money to take care of him...I-I can give you some of my jewelry if you're l-looking for something valuable..." she said, half hiding behind the door.

The young man pulled a bag out of his pocket. "Umn... I'm not good with yen, but umn.... here. I don't how much is there, but you can have it. - Can I stay the night?"

Hitoshi's mother stared at him confused. "Y-yes....yes you can......but please don't hurt us!" She said, nodding towards the rifle, not even noticing the bag of yen in his hand.

The young man blinked and grabbed the rifle throwing it as far away from him as possible. "I don't want to hurt anybody! Umn... I just use that for protection. Like if... a robber comes here, I'll scare them away with that rifle. I swear on my own head." He said, raising one hand, holding out the yen.

The woman slowly reached for the bag of yen, opening it, gasping. "Th-there must be at least 20,000 yen in here!!" She looked up, putting the pouch back in his hand. "I can't accept this, this is your money..." She said, stepping out of the way so that he could come inside. "And please, remove your shoes on your way in."

"No, no. Take it. I can't use it anyway." He grabbed his rifle holding it down so he didn't scare her again, and slid off his shoes, walking in.

Hitoshi's mother bowed. "I can't thank you enough. Is there anything I can get you?" She asked. "Food? Sake? Water?" She then paused, laughing lightly. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sadako. And you are...?"

"Christain Aker." He took off his hat. "I'm a traveler so I'll probably leave Japan by tomorrow. I travel around the world. It's a beautiful place, Miss Sadako, if you know the right places." He smiled at her kindly.

"You travel the world?" A weak voice said.

Sadako and the man, Christian, turned their heads, seeing Hitoshi leaning against the shoji door. "Hitoshi! What are you doing out of bed?" Sadako exclaimed.

"Mother, I'm all right..." Hitoshi walked over to Christian, looking up at him. "You're so lucky."

Sadako sighed, shaking her head. "That boy is going to give me more gray hairs than I can count!" she murmured to herself. "Aker-san, this is my son, Hitoshi, who should still be in bed." She raised her eyebrows at Hitoshi warningly.

"Mother, can I please just get to know our guest?" Hitoshi asked, pleadingly.

"All right fine, but don't bother Aker-san too much, he's probably tired from his trip." She sighed and walked into another room.

Christian gaped at him, then shook his head. "Sorry. - Hello, Hitoshi. I'm Christian Aker." He held out his hand.

Hitoshi looked at his hand then smiled, reaching forward to grasp Christian's hand, smiling. "Aker-san, how many countries have you been to?" Hitoshi asked, leading him into a room with a low table, and sitting down on the floor.

Christian laughed. "Well, quite a few. How old are you Hitoshi? And please, call me Christian." he said, sitting next to Hitoshi.

"Only 17, Christian." Hitoshi said, running his fingers through his dark brown hair, pushing strands behind his ear, looking at Christian with his purple eyes, slightly dulled from his sickness. "Visiting countries must be fun. I wish I could do it."

"I'm 19. Wow, I'm not too much older than you." Christian smiled at him. "Maybe you can someday. Maybe I'll take you with me."

"Maybe." Hitoshi replied, smiling as well, but it slowly faded. " doctor and a close family friend says that I probably don't have much time left...."

Christian was silent for a moment. "......Aw, Don't listen to them." He said. "Maybe you can ask your mom if you can go with me! We can talk to a whole bunch of doctors, ya?"

"Absolutely not!" Sadako came out with a tray of small cups and a bottle of sake, setting it on the table. "Hitoshi, it's better if you stay and rest!"

"Mother, sitting around in the house is only going to make me sicker!" Hitoshi said angrily. "I want to see the world before I die!"

"You are not going to die, Hitoshi, don't say that." She whispered.

Hitoshi shook his head. "Please, let me go with Christian to see the world, I want to do that before I die!"

His mother was silent.

"Mother are you listening to me?!"

"Of course, dear, I am." Sadako looked up at her son, her brown eyes welling up with tears. "I'm letting you go, find a cure for yourself. And when you do, you will come back home, right?"

Hitoshi's anger left him as quickly as it had come. "Of course, Mother. I'll get you a little something from each country."

His mother shook her head. "No, no, please."

"But I want to."

Sadako smiled slightly. "Well, a pair of earrings from one country, only one, is fine, if it'll make you feel better."

Hitoshi smiled. "I will mother."

Sadako stood up. "I'll go pack you some clothes."

Christian sat quietly through all of this. He smiled at Hitoshi when Sadako left the room. "Well, now. I guess we'll be off as soon as possible." He grabbed something out of his pocket, showing Hitoshi a picture, though it was brownish. "Do you know this place? This is where I'm from, Australia. I'm going to see a few friends there. I know a lot of doctors... heh, believe me I do."

Hitoshi smiled and took the picture, looking at it. "It looks like a beautiful country."

Sadako came back, holding a small bag with two sets of clothes. "One for colder weather, one for warmer weather." She smiled. "When will you be leaving?"

Hitoshi looked at Christian. "Whenever you are ready, Christian."

Christian yawned. "I'm kind of sleepy."

Sadako smiled warmly at him. "I'll show you to the guest room." She said, standing up, leading Christian into a nice bedroom with the shoji doors that led outside open, letting in a nice breeze.

Christian smiled. "... This isn't my first time in Japan, you know. So far, Japan is my favorite place to watch the sunset. Have you ever just... watched it?" He said, completely mesmerized by the setting sun and pink-blue-orange sky.

Sadako nodded, smiling as she pulled out a futon from a closet. "I've watched it many a time. With my late husband on our wedding night, with Hitoshi on first night in this world, and several other occasions." She spread an elegantly designed blanket on the futon, smoothing out the wrinkles. "And I've enjoyed it every single time."

"....What about Hitoshi?"

"He loves sunsets," She giggled slightly. "I remember the evening after he was just born, he had opened his eyes for the first time just as the sun was setting and he watched it. He wouldn't open his eyes from then on as a young infant except to watch the sunset. And when he did open his eyes to see all, he would never go to sleep without watching the sunset." She sighed. "I apologize. I must sound like a crazy old woman."

"...Where is he now?"

"Probably in his room, watching it now." Sadako said, standing up. "His room is just next door to yours if you are looking for him."

Christian stood up as well. "- If you don't mind." He bowed, and walked out, into Hitoshi's room. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Beautiful isn't it?"

Hitoshi glanced next to him and smiled. "Very. It never gets old to me." He said, averting his vision back to the sun setting.

"You know, I hear that the best time to watch it is when your with someone special."

"Really?" Hitoshi smiled, then turned his head to cough, holding up a finger as in "hold on a moment". "I'm okay."

Christian sighed. " Yeah. Usually with a... what do they call them in Japan?"


"Boyfriend or Girlfriend, right?"

"Well, literally it means lover but I guess you could roughly translate it as that." Hitoshi said with a shrug.

"Ah. Well, lover is more general. We'll say that." Christian said smiling.

Hitoshi smiled as well, the room going dark as soon as the last bit of the sun went behind a tall mountain. He yawned and started coughing again, opening a jug next to him and pouring a greenish liquid in a mug, sipping it, his coughing growing less violent. "Well, good night, Christian." Hitoshi said, climbing under the covers of his futon, smiling at the older of the two.

Christian stood up. "Night." He walked to the guest room, lying down. He chuckled to himself. "He's so cute."

Hitoshi sighed and rested his head on his pillow. "It'll be fun traveling with you Christian..." He blushed slightly. "I really like you..." He whispered, even though he knew Christian wasn't there to hear it.

End Chapter One