Hitoshi smiled and he gazed upon the scenery. "Very different from Japan, I like it a lot." He said, his sandals crunching against the dusty ground.

Christian pointed at a train station. "Hurry, we have to catch that train." He said, running off the ship.

Hitoshi nodded, following Christian, running towards a train station as best as he could, slowly to a walk when they reached the platform, panting a bit. In his bag was a container of water that his mother put in there for him, opening the cap and taking a sip, wiping his mouth and putting the cap back on, coughing again slightly.

Christian sighed. "I'm sorry... I forgot. Do you want me to carry you?"

Hitoshi shook his head. "No, no, I'm okay." He smiled, giving the victory sign. "I haven't ran since I was little, it felt good to run again."

Christian smiled. He took Hitoshi by the hand, walking towards a car. "Come, my sister bought us first class tickets."

Hitoshi blushed slightly and laced his fingers with Christian's. "What's your sister like, Christian?" He asked, climbing into the car with Christian.

"She's nice. Now my name's Christian so, what a surprise. -.- Her name is Mary. My father..." He sighed, his face turning dark. "My father and mu uncle were like the ultimite Christians, so don't even pay attention to my uncle."

"Oh..." Hitoshi looked up at Christian. "He wouldn't like me very much, would he?"

".......Well, as soon as I tell him about us, no."

Hitoshi nodded, looking out the window. He started coughing again, a little more violently than before, taking out the container, sipping water. He yawned slightly, resting his head against Christian's shoulder. "Is it okay if I take a nap? ; if you want to wake me up, just give me a good shove."

"Okay. But will it work if I do this?" He tilted up Hitoshi's chin, kissing him softly and holding it.

Hitoshi smiled when they slowly pulled away. "Yes, it will." He sighed, closing his eyes, resting his head on Christian's shoulder. "Just like in a fairytale, ne?" He yawned.

".... Yeah." Christian said sadly.

Hitoshi opened his eyes again. "Is something bothering you, koibito?"

Christian smiled. "Nope. Not at all."

"...okay...." Hitoshi said, before slowly drifting off to sleep. "...Christian? Is it okay if I....get a diary or something? To look back on a few years from now? And..." he paused. "...and that's it."

Christian looked down. "And?"

"..And when I'm older and don't remember too much, I can read it, and smile at what fun we had in countries together. - maybe even show you, if you can read my script. Or better yet, I'd read it to you." Hitoshi giggled.

Christian leaned back. "....Okay."

"Do you not think we'll be together for that long?" Hitoshi asked.

"....I'll promise you this," Christian said smiling at him. "We'll be together as long as we both shall live." (Ari: ...what is this a wedding?)

Hitoshi smiled and wrapped his arms around Christian's neck, kissing him softly. (Ri: nn You may kissing the....seme jk jk jk jk jk XD) He pulled away, his usually dull eyes now glittering with love. "Aishiteru, Christian-koibito."

Christian smiled. "I've been in Japan long enough to know what that means. I love you, too, Hitoshi."

Hitoshi pulled his feet up on the seat, curling them under his rear, his arms still wrapped around Christian, resting his head against his shoulder, closing his eyes, breathing softly.

When the train stopped, Christian kissed Hitoshi's forehead. "Wake up!" He shouted.

Hitoshi jumped up, looking around, then looking at Christian, smiling. He grabbed his bag and tossed it over his shoulder. "Let's get going, I really want to meet your sister." He said, an excited smile on his face.

Christian laughed. "Okay, okay."

Hitoshi grabbed his hand and walked into the aisle, following people off of the train, Hitoshi looking around. "It's so sunny out today!" He put his hand across his forehead, shielding his eyes, looking around, grinning eagerly.

"You're really excited about this! Almost as much as I was!" Christian said, laughing. He locked his fingers with Hitoshi's walking towards a girl with brown hair who had a sign saying: CHRISTIAN AKER

Hitoshi tilted his head to the side slightly, smiling. "Your sister is very pretty." He said, looking up at Christian.

The woman smiled at Hitoshi. "Thank you! Who are you, cutie pie?" She said, tossing away the sign. Christian smiled. "Mary, this is Hitoshi. He's my lover." He said, giving her a 'so what are you gonna do about it?' look, as he rubbed his nose in Hitoshi's brown hair.

Hitoshi smiled once again and bowed, straightening himself again, wrapping his arms around Christian's waist, resting his head on his chest. "It's nice to meet you, Mary-san."


"I know."

"....But... he's..."

"A he? Is that what you were going to say? I don't fucking care." Christian said, glaring. Mary smiled sadly.


Hitoshi, not used to Christian's new mood, shrunk a little bit. He turned his head to the side and coughed, taking out the cantine of water. "Beautiful country but the air is a little dry." He coughed again, seeing a trashcan nearby and spit out slightly red-tinted mucus. He took a long sip of the water. He looked up. "Is it okay if I refill my cantine when we get to your home?"

Christian and Mary both smiled warmly, looking like the twins they were. "Yes." They said simultaneously, not even looking at each other; as though it were normal.

Hitoshi nodded. "Thank you." He said, grasping Christian's hand.

Mary smiled. "He's so cute."

Hitoshi looked around. "...so how do we get to your house anyway? Is it far from here?" he asked.

Mary shook her head. "We will drive."

"Oh! In a car? I've never been in a car before!" Hitoshi smiled brightly. "I lived in a small town so everything and everybody was in walking distance. We didn't need cars. Well, except for when people went out of town."

Mary smiled, walking towards the car. Christian picked up their luggage following Mary. "They get you around quickly. It's really a lot of fun.:"

Hitoshi was sitting in the back, looking around, poking the seats, and looking out the widows, rolling it up...and down....up....and down....amazed with it. (like a lil' boy in a candy store -)

Christian, who was driving, laughed and Mary turned around in the seat. "Are you having fun, Hitoshi?" she said, kindly.

"It's so interesting!" He exclaimed, watching the scenery pass by the window, which he still opened and closed. He paused for a moment and drew his arm across his nose, sneezing, and coughing again, leaning back in the seat when he was through.

Mary sighed. ".....I hope it lasts." She turned back around, and Christian said, 'Bless you.'

While Christian was pulling over, Hitoshi looked out the window again. "Is this your home?"

Christian nodded. "Yes." He said, slightly angrily.

"The house looks a little different. I've seen some people building some like this back home but I never really been in one before."

Mary smiled. "Our grandfather build it."

Hitoshi, with some poking around, opened the door, stepping out, picking up his bag, looking around. "Your grandfather must've been an excellent builder, I've never seen anything built so perfectly!" He turned around, waiting for Christian and Mary to get out of the car.

Mary got out, looking at Christian, who was on the other side getting out. "....I'll go... delay him." Christian nodded. As Mary ran inside, then picked up his luggage, and grabbed Hitoshi's hand.

"Do not leave my side." He said, looking at Hitoshi.

Hitoshi nodded, moving closer to Christian. "I know, I won't."

Christian walked up the steps, opening the door. Mary was standing with an older man, though he was quite healthy for his age. "Christian, so good to...." He saw Christian clutching Hitoshi's hand, hiding Hitoshi behind him. "Who is that?"

"My friend."


"My again?" The man narrowed his eyes.

"...He's my lover... don't even think of touching him." Christian said, his voice dripping with venom.

Hitoshi looked out from behind Christian, only half of his face showing, smiling warily. "H-h-hello...." he said quietly, turning his head to cough once again, then resumed his half-hiding position.

The man glared at Hitoshi. "Did I speak to you? In this house, you only speak when spoken to."

"And he wonders why I left." Christian said to Mary, who looked a bit worried.

"Uncle.... it's no big deal..."

"Yes, it is. Get him out. Never see or speak, to or of, him again."

"No." Christian said, turning his head away.

Hitoshi hid all the way behind Christian, muttering 'sorry, sir' and looked at Mary, mouthing 'may i please fill up my cantine?', taking it out.

Mary smiled. "Yes, come." She stepped close to Christian, holding out an open palm for Hitoshi to take. "We'll leave them be."

Hitoshi nodded, taking the woman's hand, taking one last look at Christian, and totally avoiding eyecontact with the Uncle of the siblings.

Christian didn't notice Hitoshi looking back at him, as he and Mary waked into the kitchen, out of sight from them. There was a lot of yelling, and Mary simply began to cut vegitables for dinner.


End Chapter Four