I Am

by Kevin Mason


Before beginning, I would like to say that I am in no way adding to the Bible. This story is purely fiction, with the exception, of course, of what is taken from the Bible. The rest is completely untrue.

The Crucifixion

With every step, every movement,

He grows weaker, but His face glows with purpose.

With each solemn stumble, His eyes glow with fire.

They whip, they prod, their attacks are vicious.

Victory is nearly ours!

Pain comes, pain goes, but a man's soul shall last.

This is not mere pain, it is a sacrifice

For all of those who do not deserve it.

Ripped, broken, beaten, yet no rose looks as nice.

He shall surely die!

Red blood bathes His body and soaks through His clothes,

And upon His head they placed a crown,

A crown no king but One would wear for His own.

But His body proved too weak, for He fell down.

What does He hope to accomplish? We have already won!

Upon Him, His great burden fell down.

But He was given no time to rest,

And they pulled Him to His feet and He dragged

His burden onward; to the final test.

Those who He gives His life for are those who would kill him; does He not understand?

Blood and sweat drip down His determined face.

Before Him, He can see His goal atop

A great hill; it is here that He will break the curse.

Here He will right the wrongs and Evil shall be stopped.

What is His plan? Will He deliver Himself from the hands of His enemies?

Atop the great hill, they laid him on the cross,

His burden, and nailed his hands down and his feet too.

Even as they did so, He cried, "Forgive them,

Lord, for they know not what they do!"

No . . . he cannot possibly be planning to . . .

And the King's subjects raised the cross,

And they watched and laughed as their Savior died.

Helpless were all who loved Him, for this was

The Will of God; despite all of their cries.

He has taken their sins upon himself! It cannot be!

The Covenant of Abraham

Would be fulfilled on this sorrowful day.

This Man would take all sin, past, present, and future,

And with His death, wash it all away.

No! The Covenant shall be fulfilled with His death, and we will surely die!

Later, with a final prayer, He said,

"It is finished." And he let his spirit fly away.

And, in the wrath of His Father, the Earth shook.

And the Covenant had been fulfilled that day.

No! It cannot be! He is coming, we must not allow him to leave. . . .

All Hell Breaks Loose

Hell shook violently. Everything split open and ripped apart. Demons looked up in horror as their greatest fears were realized. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, descended into the heart of Hell in robes as white as snow. From the dark black abyss above, Christ slowly floated down and alighted on the ground. Despite how light and gentle His landing was, all of Hell shook with His glory and holiness. The ultimate evil of hell was torn apart by the mere holiness of the Christ.

Jesus had a look of grim determination. Horrified as they were, the demons surrounded Him, but kept a safe (or so they thought) distance. Jesus raised His hand slowly and spoke; saying, "Away, Shades of Hell; as I have spoken, you will obey."

As if they had been violently thrown, all of the demons flew back away from the Messiah. Jesus walked forward slowly, and with each step, Hell shook. Around Him, the ground split and the walls fell. He walked onward, heading back toward the Earth; once he reached the Earth, he would continue to Heaven.

As He walked, Death stepped into His path. "You shall not defy me again, Son of Man," Death hissed. "You stole away Lazarus from me, and You will not escape."

"Away, demon!" shouted Christ with such authority that Death jumped back. "You cannot bind the soul of God, and you shall not defy the Lord. Away!"

Speechless, Death stepped aside.

Death Cannot Stop Christ

Death entered the throne room of Hell and bowed slightly before Satan. "Lucifer, Jesus Christ has the blessing of the Lord God, I cannot stop Him; no one can."

Satan grinned. "I will stop Him myself, if I must."

Death shook his head. "You have no authority--"

"Fool!" Satan yelled, springing to his feet. "I have all of the authority!"

"It was prophesied--"

"Prophecy shall fail, and I shall have victory."

Death shouted, "You shall not taste victory, fool. Even I know not to defy the Jehovah God!"

Lucifer's face flushed. "You are the fool, Death. I will win. This time I will not fall again. Yahweh believes the He had the victory at Babel, but I will bind His Son in Hell, and victory will be mine!"

"You cannot stop the Messiah, he will beat you."

The Shades of the Legion

Jesus had been walking for more than twenty-four hours. He did not grow weary; He continued walking toward the World. He was walking along when He came across seven shades. He recognized them immediately, for they were among the Legion. They were Hate, Desperation, Loneliness, Fear, Poverty, Depression, and Greed.

When He approached, they arose and faced Him. "It is He," they said. "The Lamb of God."

Christ walked past them.

Then they called out, "Prophecy shall fail; we need not worry about you, for our Master himself has vowed to defeat you."

Christ did not stop or acknowledge them. He continued walking, with His eyes set upon the Earth and beyond, to Heaven, to home.