Satan Attacks Christ

Lucifer slipped into his armor and brandished his sword and shield. He then ran out to meet Christ. He stepped out in front of his Opponent; beautiful, proud Lucifer stepped out in front of the Son of God.

Satan spoke, and his voice seemed to fill the air, to fill the room, to fill all of Hell. His voice was like an organ, gentle, but not quiet; loud, yet not harsh. He said, "Jesus Christ, Son of God, I have come here to--"

"Silence!" Christ boomed. "I know why you are here Satan, and I shall not fall into temptation. You have tried to tempt me once before, and you failed; and I tell you, again you shall fail."

Satan's face flushed. "You shall not have victory over me--"

"Silence! Victory is all ready the one true God's. You shall fall; you know you cannot win. Prophecy will not fail, and the will of God shall prosper always."

Satan charged and swung his sword, but, suddenly, his sword became too heavy and he dropped it. "Curse you, Lamb of God!"

"Silence!" said Jesus. And with that, He grabbed a hold of Lucifer and dragged him away. "Prince of Pride, you shall always remember this; you shall forever be ashamed of this day."

Christ Shames the Evil One

Jesus dragged Satan through Hell, as his shades and demons watched, not knowing what to do. Finally, He stopped and stripped Satan of his armor. He then took the very keys to Hell from Lucifer.

"Evil One, you shall forever yield to My name," said He. "If you attack one of My own and he cries out to Me, you will leave him alone. If one of My own casts you away in My name, you will remember this day, and you will obey. From now on, you shall forever yield to My name. As I have spoken, you will obey."

Satan made no reply.

Christ turned and continued toward the Earth.

The Return to Earth

Christ finally arose from the pit of Hell. He walked back out onto the Earth. There, His spirit joined His body, and He had risen from the dead.

Christ did what he had to on Earth, and then, when His duties were fulfilled, He ascended to Heaven, to sit on the right side of His Father forever.