I feel a whisper on my neck
and fingers digging
in to my skin
making trails along my arm

The room is silent
The buzzing in my ears is loud
as his fingers
make heart-shaped patterns on my back
and his ragged breathing
escapes from his mouth
As his chest deflates
like a mountain crumbling

His fingers are dirty
And I wonder
where they've been

Digging in to skin

Rough skin
Dark skin
Pale skin
Soft skin
Old skin
New skin
My skin
Your skin

Nestled in pools
of moonlight
on the couch
Secrets pooling around us
like blood on the carpet
He's so dark
He's so surreal

His skin
on mine
is like
flowers of fire
blossoming on my neck
and spreading through my veins

Oh, if I could see:

the truth within our perfect
little mermaid world
Where shadows stretch across the walls
and making out

His skin
is dark and dirty
black and rough
slipped underneath shadows

It contrasts
on my yellow-white
fairy arms
entangled with
his tan
super man limbs
of steel

All I see
is the expanse of his
shadowy skin
wrapped around me
like a cocoon

Black lips
planting little diseases
all over my yellow-white
fairy skin

Is skin on skin

such a sin?