I need a trip to Sanity


I can't get over all these things

Over the clown with the straight razor

Who lives in my air vents and attacks my cats

I can't get past the wall of hate

That fries my brain

Behind my eyes

Like a branding iron inside my skull

And my flesh is so cold

From the touch of the Wendigo

I need a trip to Sanity

Away from the head ache

Away from the pain

Of the demon who lives on my shoulder

And whispers in my ear

And the creature

Who spawns my fear

I need a trip to Sanity

A short vacation

From the grind of life

Or my girl friend whose heart just won't let go

Of my kitchen knife

And I should stop smoking

But when I do

I can hear your thoughts

I need a trip to Sanity

A small vacation

Where I can use my bathroom

With out fear of the rotting corpse

Who lives in my bathtub

I need a trip to Sanity

Where I can walk outside

With out being attacked by trees

Or eat something other than

Those microwaveable

bowls of maggots

I need a trip to Sanity

Because the rat's bite my feet

While I'm asleep

In the wasteland

And that crazy Jehovah's Witness

That walks by every so often

Won't stop telling me that Yog-Sothoth is coming

And I need a trip to Sanity

But I am afraid I might be bored