Saint Artemuis, School For... Girls?

Chapter 1 - The Invasion

Author's Note: Hello everyone! Well, this is decidedly different to what I usually write, which is fanfiction. In that I have to disclaim everything, but here that is not the case. Everything is mine, well technically shared as this was an idea developed off a real exemplary rule from my high school by three of my friends and I. Which reminds me...

Major props to Lulu-chan, Maeva oto-san, and Furei-chan!

When we were toying with this idea, we were in fact going to do it as a manga! The main factor is time, which we don't have. Freya, was going to do most of the art and she is now relaxing in Japan (lucky thing) so blow that plan. But I am in charge of story, so I'll write St Artemuis and then it will be developed when Freya returns!

This author's note is way too long.


"Jan, they're ready to see you now."


The secretary, appearing calm answered, "Headmistress, you should know the law well enough by now, you've already been over it at least sixteen times. As have I. We have to accept them into school. It would be sexist not to, and although that formality doesn't bother you... it is unavoidable. And As to why any of them decided to apply to St Artemuis, you'd have to ask them."

The principal spluttered, "But... them- THEM?!"

"Do you need more aspirin, Jan?"


"Yes, they aren't our usual... choice of students, but perhaps this could be... shall we say, the start of a new era. Hmm... yes, that should sound sufficient for the press." The secretary looked at Mrs Anderson worriedly once more. Then looked at her computer over her square glasses and began to type, her fingers blurring with speed.

"THE START OF AN ERA?!" The irate pricipal dropped her head with a bang against the door of her office that was in front of her. She found this quite stress-relieving, so she whacked her head against the door repeatedly. She could even admit that she was going insane. The only thing that was going through her mind was: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MY PERFECT, CLEAN, PERFECT SCHOOL?!

She cleared her throat loudly, trying not to sob, or worse, kill someone. Then she entered the room of dread.

"Good... Morning, everyone..." She gritted her dentures together in a shark-like smile... which was her supposed 'brave-face'. "My name is Mrs Jan Anderson, I am the Headmistress of St Artemius, school for... girls," she put emphasis on this last word. And then stared around with extreme distaste at the varied faces about the room.

Two of the parents that were assembled for this meeting of sorts, a severe looking couple wearing almost identical grey suits approached Mrs Anderson.

"Mrs Anderson," said the man. "I am Mr James Kaziama, Jin's father. And this is my wife Ami."

The woman nodded her head in time with her husband. Then she spoke in a smooth voice, "We would both like to sincerely apologise for Jin's behaviour."

A voice came from one of the plush velvet armchairs, "Don't apologise on my behalf, mother. I don't feel sorry at all." The owner of the voice, tilted his chin up confidently.

Both Mr and Mrs Kaziama and the principal threw a dirty look down at the boy. For Mrs Anderson this was one of the five banes of her problem. Her principal powers detected that something on the boy's face was glinting. She snarled, a rule violation further adding to her rage. "Is. That. An. Eyebrow... piercing?!"

"Why yes it is." Jin replied unabashed. "Do you like it? I have lots of different bars that I put in. I found that the piercing accentuated my forehead."

"Do I like it?! What kind of stupid...?! Take that... thing out this instant! Piercings are strictly forbidden at this school! You are all going to attend this school, so... even though you are not the most orthodox of pupils... YOU WILL OBEY THE RULES OR FACE MY ULTIMATE WRATH!"

"Okay then," the boy retorted. He started to fiddle with the silver bar.

"You're actually letting them attend this school?!" A woman's voice hollered.

"Well, it's the first day of term and we're here aren't we?" Jin butted in, pointing out the obvious.

Ignoring Jin, the principal sighed and sighed again for good measure. "We are obliged to accept any pupils that meet... the criteria to enter our school, be they female... or... male, and now all your sons have an obligation to attend this school... that they applied to... which is a girl's school... and they are in fact..."

"MALES!" the mother began to rant, "I enrolled Noel into this school along with Neave because I-I thought it was a co-ed school, I mean there were two Saint Artemuis' in the Bible after all, a man and a woman and..." At this point she broke into hysterical tears.

"YOU'RE SAYING IT WAS A-A... MISTAKE?!" Mrs. Anderson looked beyond angry. Indeed she was so angry that she was eminating dark shadows around her and although she was small, the principal could not have seemed more gigantic.

The mother yelled back at her, "IT LOOKED LIKE A CO-ED SCHOOL..."


"Well..." she turned apon her dark haired son and sobbed into his shoulder. He looked horrified at the apparation that was currently mumbling something about pamphlets and pretty art departments. He was actually trying (and failing) to wrench him off of his shoulder... She was like some sort of evil leech.

A bearded man approached the slightly rabid principal, diverting the attention away from the leech-like mother. Mrs Anderson became dimly aware that he wasdragging a tall boy who was presumably his son behind him.

"Mrs Anderson, I'd just like to say... that Damian," he pushed his son in front of him. "Had absolutely nothing to do with this!"

"Dad..." the dark haired boy uttered quietly. His dark fringe flopped over his face because his head was bowed so low. He looked petrified.

"He's so incredibly shy. He wouldn't say boo to a flea, no a dustmite!"

"What are you saying?" Mrs Anderson hissed, resisting her urge to strangle the man... and his son for that matter. She clenched her fists as if readying herself for a showdown.

"I'm trying to say... IT'S ALL JIN'S FAULT!"

Everyone in the room turned to look at Jin, who was currently picking threads out of the antique chair, using his eye-brow stud.

"What?" he demanded. "Don't look at me... well, okay maybe it was me but... it was a joke! I never thought that we'd actually get in!" Jin pointed at the boy consoling his mother and a shadowed boy sitting in the corner. "I have nothing to do with them either. So you cannot blame me for everything."

Mrs Anderson turned on the shadow covered boy.

"And where are your parents?"

"They are on sebbatical," he said calmly.

Mrs Anderson twitched some more, there was something in the boy's eyes, so she left it at that. Then, with the air of a hungry cobra she slowly turned to the last boy in the room. She was looking somewhat deadly, maybe because she was deadly.

"I take it you're with..." She pointed an accusing finger at Jin

"Yes, I agreed to come to St Artemuis with Jin. I'm Leo and... well it was a prank, I guess. He knew about the laws, but I still thought that we wouldn't get in... it's not like we knew you were completely insane."


"Well... insane enough to accept us, at least."

Mrs. Anderson glared "I'll have you know that if I was my choice... YOU'D BE UP IN ST ANTHONY'S WHERE YOU BELONG!"

The sobbing mother cringed... "St... Anthony's...?" She returned back to her tears.

"Well..." Mrs Anderson coughed. "To all the parents... die!" she coughed again, "I mean... Thank you for meeting with me to discuss your... sons' futures. You may now leave..."

"NOOOOOOOOO! I CAN'T LEAVE MY BABY--!" cried the sobbing mother

"Mother... leave ME alone!" Her son Noel dragged her out of the room, only to return a few seconds later with long scratch marks down his arm.

"Are you all right, dude?" Jin asked incrediously.

"Yeah... she's just... protective. And in shock at her own stupidity I think."

Mrs Anderson glared at her clip board, "I'm presuming that you are Leo Elwood, Jin Kaziama, Gabriel Doukan, Damien Rokoma and Noel Terada?"

"Duh?" Said Jin loudly.

Mrs Anderson made a mental note that Jin Kaziama was now her enemy for life.

"Now if you would please follow me to the hall, where we will introduce you to the girls. It's the first day of the school year so please, please make a good impression. I'm glad that you are all wearing the regulation school uniform. Well not quite, but..."

All the boys had a mental image of themselves wearing the full St Artemuis uniform; including the pleated mini-skirt. As it was, they were wearing white shirts with a navy blue woollen vest and blazer over top, as well as navy blue ties striped with gold. In place of the usual miniskirt they wore grey pants and black shoes completed the ensomble.

"Now," Mrs Anderson continued, "I am going to formally introduce you in the first assembly, I can't have you strolling round the corridors, and them noticing you then... You'd be mauled to death... on second thought, that could be.... No no, we couldn't have that at all."

Mrs Anderson squared her shoulders, reaffirmed her "brave-face" and led the way out of her office.

Jin smirked as he walked along the deserted corridors, in front of even the principal. "This should be... interesting."