Written by Dood, AKA Rose Vicious. To make a note, updates are slow based on a lack of time to type it up onto a windows... And if you're confused by the beginning. Then I have done my job well.

Disclamer: The only one. Does contain: Drinking, cursing, killing, blood, and mentions of rape and physical abuse. This is my first and final warning for those with weak stomachs.

Chapter 1 – A Paradise to a Forsaken One

How long had she been wondering?

It was like a question without an answer, lost within the confounds of time and left there without any answers. Feet felt heavy, arms weak, knees buckling, skin ashy, tongue dry, waist thin. Her body was on the brink of collapsing, and mind hanging onto it's sanity by a thread. It was a miracle that she was alive on the surface of the human world, well strange for a fire demon at least.

Rose Vicious, a once strong willed woman, brought down by a banishment and the loss of everything precious to her... Now the wandering woman remained on the cold Earth, living off whatever she could hunt and kill, remaining in a place wherever she could hide. A life style she may have been able to live in, if only regret did not hang so low within her heart.

The two years of banishment began to take it's tole on her body, sanity slowly started to dwindle, being horribly underweight, with nightmares still plaguing her mind. Their faces, the sound of their voices... the first to show her love from knowing so much hatred for so long, killed by her own hands. She had been the one to slaughter them... outside her own home with claws drawn and her mind lost.

"What did I do wrong...?"

She had wandered out into a thick forests, finding them most like home, though less dangerous than her home which she wished to return too. It had been forever since she felt a soft bed, a warm bath, and the company of friends. It had already been forever since friendship and true love gave her home, until shattered against the fist of her curse. Her lost family, her lost loves, her dead companions, all within her mind like a parasite at her heart. Her curse... nothing could break it, nothing could stop it, nothing could stop the other woman sharing this body...

"Why did I kill them... Why did 'she' have to kill them...!?"

Rose's thin fingers, being weak with fatigue, lack of sleep and hunger brushed through her waist long hair, which seemed to have lost it's silver color and turned into a blank, colorless gray. The golden color faded from her own eyes with insanity drawing close, and all hope draining away with her life. The movement of her arm only caused the two bracelets on her wrist to jingle, a thick gold one with a red jewel in it's center, and the other being a thinner silver.

"It's not... it's not fair... I've lost everything... all because I have Gekai blood... I've lost... everything..."

The Gekai: a fearful race of human eating deities. She was the last of her kind, the only of her kind alive within this world, but the most violent and blood lusting of demons for millions of years. Tears began to well inside of the demoness' eyes as she laid back against the truck of a tree behind her, looking up through the cracks of the forest cover and watched as the shaded light danced through the branches that waved in the wind. Her thin fingers reached for the necklace about her neck, holding the jewel within her hands as he watched the flame dance within the orb with such color and fiery power, and yet, looking into the flame only created more tears within her eyes.

"What do I do Mom...? What do I do...? Why can't you be here for me when I needed you most...!? Why did Ryuu have to kill you...!?!?

The jewel dropped from her fingers as she looked up to the sky and cried out like she had never done before. Crying was something the demoness could never let out, having her father's vanity and ego, but could not stand it anymore. Rose was falling faster than she realized, and no one was there to catch her fall.

Finally her eyes ran dry with her tears staining her cheeks. Her eyes and throat in pain with a dry ache, but had no water or liquid to calm the burn. Soon Rose's eyes closed with just a wish for a way to escape, even though her dreams were just as bad as a cage as her own body was. Some call life a dream, because it passes so quickly, so quickly you do not realize it before your end. But it was only called a dream because there were those moments when you're always wishing to wake up from the nightmare. Against Rose's will, her body finally allowed her eyes to rest and fell asleep against the tree, being very tired from lack of food and strength.

When Rose woke, she was no longer in the forest. To her surprise she found herself within a bed in a small room. The sheets were made of a pure white silk, which was strangely enough the same tone of her skin as she woke in fright and confusion.

"Wh... what the hell?!" Quickly she tried to scurry out from the bed, only slipping over sheets and fabric that were wrapped about her thin body. In the process she tumbled from the bedside, rolling over herself numerous times before finally stopping, being horribly tangled within the sheets, unable to get out. In fury Rose screamed out, waving her arms and legs as quickly and as strongly as she could in every directly to try and release herself, acting like that of a trapped child. Though, as hard as she tried, the demon woman, who could control fire, could not seem to get herself out of the silken sheets. Now Rose was stuck on the floor, with her ass in the air, her head tied between her legs with one shoved up into the air, and her arms only tangled within the mess in the uncomfortable position.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit on a shitty cracker..."

The creak of the door sounded in Rose's ears, causing them to twitch through the fabric. The noise only brought her to struggle even more, trying to still get out.

"What are you doing there...? And how did you get this tangled anyway?" The voice that spoke behind her was defiantly that of a males, but she could not tell who it was. Slowly the sheets were drawn from her body, and she tumbled downward from her upsidown position, falling flat against the floor. After all the sheets were removed, Rose searched for whoever had found her. "Are you alright?"

Rose's cheeks blushed as her eyes set upon the face of the man who had brought her here. He stood about 5'8", being very facially handsome, but had to of been the same age as herself. Shoulder long cerulean hair with bangs propped over a blue headband, his bangs covering the tips of his sky blue eyes, expressing such innocence. Slightly buff muscles peaked through the tight purple shirt he was wearin, and black jeans added to his attire.

"Well looks like you're alright... I'm sorry if I scared you slightly, I found you in the woods and you looked very weak.... I couldn't just leave you there... If you want to take a bath you are more than happy too, I can wash your clothes as well... there is probably something of mine you can wear..." His words just passed right through Rose's mind as she stared up at him with horrid blushing cheeks. She was in shock, yes, but with more than just how, where, or who, but something a bit more... like a feeling at that moment she looked into his eyes, she was floating on air.

".... Miss? You alright...?"

Finally Rose snapped out of her trance at the sound of his voice. She stood up quickly, her cheeks only appearing an even deeper red as she smiled to him.

"T-thank you... I..." Her mind began to spin with her vision, falling right back over after standing up to quickly. The mind stun completely tore her consciousness from her body for a moment, but when her eyes opened back up, she was not laying back on the floor, but in the arms of the stranger.

"You should stay in bed while I get you some food... you look really hungry..." Her man of mystery smiled brightly to her, an expression that she could not even remember where it had last appeared in her life. His strong arms easily carried the demoness over to the bed and sat her down, placing the sheets over her shoulders. "I hope you like chili, that's what I was making for dinner."

A sheepish laugh left his lips as he began to exit the room, before rose called out to him in curiosity. "Who are you...?"


"Eh... it's... just a little strange... for some guy to bring me into his house and start feeding me..."

"I'm Darius. And it's no problem. You are no burden, there is plenty of food. And your name is Miss?"

"Eh... Rose... My name's Rose... and thank you very much."

"It's no problem. Now just wait a bit, and I'll bring you some food." Darius gave another innocent smile as he waved to his finding, leaving her alone in the room as he disappeared down the hall. Rose's tense muscles finally decided to relax, wrapping the sheets of the bed about her arms more closely with a dreamy sigh leaving her lips.

"Bed... BED!!!" Laughter left her lips, a relaxing feeling that had not appeared in...w ell... forever. She dropped backwards on the bed while her hands felt over the sheets, smelling the fresh clean cloth and held it about her, hugging the pillow as well. A paradise long forgotten in two years.

"Ah this is great... when was the last time I slept in a bed?" It was a good question, that only caused her heart o ache at her memories took her back to her last loves, who she had lost before her banishment. She placed her head on the pillow and pulled the sheets over it, hiding within them and her happy expression was lost with the feeling. "Why....?"

"Why what?" Rose shot up quickly as she saw Darius sitting beside the bed on a wooden chair, having a tray of soda and a bowl of chili, his head bent over in confusion as the quick removal of the sheets had only frizzed up her hair. "Why were you hiding?"


"Yea... you were hiding... there in the sheets. And talking to yourself too..."

"I was not talking to myself!"

"... uh... food?"

Rose looked to the bowl of chili and the soda, waiting for a short amount of time as she just stared at the food. The smell wafted under her nose, such a delicious smell as her stomach gave a very loud groan. That was the signal, as she quickly reached out for the bow and began to gobble down the hot substance. Darius, only laughed at the sight.

"It seems that you haven't eaten in quite a while. Well dig in! I'll get you some more if you want."

Rose only nodded without facing him, finishing up the chili and literally chugging down the soda within a matter of moments, setting the bowl and glass upon the tray still on Darius' lap. There was a wide smile upon her face, like that of a thankful child, with eyes closed, and the taste of the good chili still lingering upon her lips and tongue. "Thank you very much Darius..."

The blue haired man only copied her expression, smiling wide just as she was. The two were acting like innocent children, mocking the other's expression as if it were some kind of quarrel.

"Darius?" Rose asked.

"Yes Rose?" He replied

"Why are you mimicking me?"

"Cause I can."

Their expressions remained the same, peering at each other through slits of their eyes, still smiling. Their shoulders shook after a short amount of time, hidden laughter being held inside with as much restraint as the two could hold.

"Oh really?" She asked with a raised brow.

"Yes really. Problem?"


"That's good!"

"You're horribly strange, you know that Darius?"

"Of course I do!!"

"I'm not dreaming right?" Rose did not even see his moment as he reached out suddenly and pinched her soft cheeks, pulling them outward softly. When he let go she gave out a small shriek as they snapped back into place, leaving her rubbing the now red tinted cheeks. "I guess not... Good... for once it's not a dream..."

Darius' happy expression disappeared for a moment with curiosity now formed over his facial expressions. Slowly he leaned in towards her, looking at her confused, and yet filled with curiosity. "What do you mean 'good it's not a dream'?"

"Long story..." The demoness' happy expression quickly faded as memories began to strike her mind again like hidden arrows into the heart. Just about everything she had said brought her mind back to that horrid time, to the place she once called home, and yet never wanted to leave. All the scars she just wish would vanish from her body, to no longer have her entire life line written into her skin.


"Her golden eyes turned back to meet his as she returned from her trance, their eyes meeting, and suddenly it felt as if all time had frozen over. Rose's cheeks had begun to burn while looking into his eyes that only accented his smile. Yet, it almost felt as if he was peering into her soul with those sky blue orbs, searching for the pain within to free her from it with his smile. Yet his gaze was not completely innocent as many would believe it to be so. Something caught Rose's senses, even in this trance stricken state... the smell of washed away blood...

"Something wrong Rose?" Darius asked with a worried tone.


Darius raised a hand and placed it upon her cheek, placing his other wrist upon her forehead as she froze to his warm touch. "You look as if you have a fever... but you seem fine?"

As Rose tried to speak she found her words clogged in her throat. It was better not to speak anything that may come out idiotic and unable to be understood, but it looked more like she was choking on her own words than just being speechless. Her lips parted to say something, but only heavy breaths left her plush lips, eyes unblinking and wide.

There was silence between them for a while as they just stared into each others eyes. Darius' had was still on her cheek as his thumb brushed against the soft skin gently. Slowly he began to lean in as his eyes closed and pressed his lips against her on in a soft kiss. Rose's golden eyes shut slowly and returned the motion with her lips, her arms raising upward and wrapped about his neck.

Slowly Rose was pressed down on the bed as their kiss never broke, hands feeling the curves of her body, the demoness only enjoying the feel. It had been such a long time since her body had been treated like that of a china doll, with a soft and protective hands instead of being thrown about as if to be beaten. It was paradise...

When Rose woke again she was still in the same bed she remembered passing out onto. A clean nightgown was now on her body, one made of white silk that matched the sheets of the bed. Her hair had been combed and pulled back into a pony tail, and had been cleaned of the dirt and grim once on her.

The smell of food soon was caught under the demoness' nose as she sniffed the air. Her stomach growled for breakfast and followed it out of the room, being lead by her nose and growling tummy. Darius' home seemed to be just as small as her old one, a three bedroom cottage like home, a couple of bathrooms, one floor, and the smell of great food in the air.

"Mmm... what is that..." Her nose followed the smell until she saw Darius enter from the back door with a wooden platter of steaks in his hand, and scrambled eggs on the stove.

"AHH!!! STEAK!!!" Her face lit up at the thought of the meat. Meat, was meat, was meat, no matter what kind of meat it was, and any kind of meat would make any occasion a great one. Especially having to almost become a vegetarian without the knowledge on how to hunt down animals she knew nothing about. Darius stood there with his back turned in surprise, feeling Rose's mouth biting down onto his shoulder as she drooled onto his violet shirt, her eyes tearing with joy.

"Oh... you're finally awake..." Darius noted with a smile, "I hope you like your steak rare...?"

"YAY!!!" Like a child Rose jumped up and took hold of one of the steaks, fluttering down without wings as she landed on the table. Then, like a pig, began to rip right into the meat, tearing it off the bone as she ate it down happily without utensils.

"By the time Darius sat down to eat his own with the eggs, she had her plate before her, awaiting another steak. But her eyes were teared up in happy pleasure, as if she was on the brink of crying.

"You... alright Rose....?" Darius asked in worry, leaning over slightly to her.

Without answering she just jumped for him, knocking over both chairs and slammed him against the kitchen floor as the chair broke beneath him. Rose's arms were tightly wrapped about his body, laughing with such bliss even with the tears of happiness in her eyes. "Darius! Thank you thank you thank you!! I haven't had a steak that good in ages... or any good food like that!! Thank you thank you thank you!!"

The two of them laughed as they rolled over the floor, acting like that of a newlywed couple. But then they stopped suddenly with Rose on top, looking down to him with a smile and kissed his nose. Her eyes were now filled with much more tears than before, spilling down her cheeks, but there was such happiness behind them. "I love you Darius... I know I do..."

"You know what Rose...?"


"I love you to."