Chapter 21 - Emerald Orbs, Devious Smile

"You're Yukio's brother???" Asked Rose out loud in utter confusion. It was quite blunt on her face too, that look of confusion. Like a child that realized that they had received a new family member or something important of the sort. Both golden orbs were wide, like that of a child's, flashing the long lashes every so often.



"Something wrong?"



"Your blue-"


"Yea. From?"










"This is the conversation of less than two syllables..." Lilly said aloud while finally standing next to her brother.

"No I think they hit three once..." Raiza followed up, brushing off his body which was quickly healing like Rose's. In his head he could imagine this conversation happening between children to the music of the Chao from Sonic Battle. (Big Video gamer) But the conversation continued, now with Rose and body motions.

"So your father, AND your brother are freaking man whores..."

"No actually I am too. I've had 10 wives."

"... alright, so far that I know, the entire male side of the family are man whores."


"..... is it just you and your brother?"


Blink, blink. "You have a...."



"No. She's a priestess."


"You're thinking that's a good thing."


Silence between the two. It seemed quite long. The two siblings had already left to do other things. Raiza had to return to his friends, and Lilly had returned to the Pet Shop she was now working at. But neither noticed.

"... how many?"

Faust sighed. "Ten."


"And how many lovers have you had???"

"......." Rose counted on her fingers, "Four...."

"And how old are you?"

Faust's face began to pull in to close for comfort, but the moment it did Rose brought her hand straight over his cheek. The sound of the slap echoed across the room, and the hand print left on his left cheek was glowing with a bright pink color.

"You never ask a woman of her age!!!!!!"

"Well then... how about I fight it out of you!!"

The man's arm shot up from his side while his entire body bent forward for an uppercut. But just as he was about to hit Rose's chin swung backwards just enough to dodge it. Her body continued to lean back until her hands reached the floor, and did back flips away from Faust. The man followed after her with a grin of battle on his face. The demoness continued to back flip, even as he was gaining up on her quickly, but as she landed yet again in another hand stand position, her elbows bent, and with one push she shot high up into the air.

Faust caught this move however, and reached out to grab a handful of the flowing silver hair that trailed behind her. But as he gripped the entire main, his body caught nothing almost and fell forward with a large amount of hair in his hand. Rose's precious hair fell completely off!


His green eyes darted upward to see Rose hovering upsidown in the air. She was cackling loudly with delight as he realized that her hair was somewhat a booby trap. She still had some on her head, but it looked like it had been cut short.

"Ah don't worry moron. You're just grabbing a Gecko's tail. It'll grow back."

Rose's body contorted in air as she spun herself back around so that her feet were towards the ground rather than the high ceiling. She brushed her think fingers through her rather short hair, as if combing it. As her head threw backwards it seemed that the length was restored fully, like throwing a cape over what was lost. The hair in Faust's grasp burst into to flame, and within seconds each strand completely vanished.

"Too many people go for my hair."

"Is that so Miss Rose Vicious?"


"Yukio told me..."


"Well lets stop playing around shall we!?"

Yet again Faust tried to catch her off guard, but as Rose prepared for an attack he instead vanished from thin air. Her golden orbs flashed wide in surprise and looked about with certain worry in her mind. She couldn't sense him, she couldn't see him, and for the most part her smell was not that good in this form... But she could hear him. Her feet settled back on the ground gently, trying to listen to where he might have vanished. But there were no footsteps, no heavy breathing, or even light. As if dancing with a ghost with a physical form... A physical form, that is what she could use to her advantage.

Rose closed her eyes tightly as she lay her arms down to her sides. She could still not hear or see him, but she knew he was still in the room. Her body let off a small bit of energy to make a sort of air current around the room. Wherever his body was, he would give off noise to the impacting air. And that is when she heard him... about a yard behind her!

She barley had enough time to dodge as Faust held his laced fists above his head and brought it down for the impact over her skull. But he faded right through her body as it turned to almost a shadow like form. He gave a yelp as his body still moved in that motion, and fell forward and hit the floor as Rose jumped away.

A loud groan left Faust's lips as his body twitched on the floor. His fists were throbbing with pain of hitting the cement floor instead of Rose's hard head. (The reaction probably would have been the same.) But the floor beneath his fists had not cracked one bit. It was seemingly perfect, just as it was before the fights of it today.

".... you're trying to fight a girl who's tired as hell to..." Rose made completely obvious as she helped Faust get up. "I wore out with my son..."

"The fight with your son was great," Faust replied with a deepened groan, holding his fists, "You show a lot of energy even when its family, and no restraint... which is strange..."

"There is restraint."


Rose flashed the golden bracelet before his face. The man looked closely into the red jewel surrounded by the golden rim, so close he could see his reflection even in this somewhat dim light. A finger rose and tapped against the jewel and the bracelet. "A restraint bracelet..."


"Oh yea! That's right! You're the cursed one!!!" He laughed loudly, Rose sweat dropped.

"You're the youngest one of the family are you."

"Yup! Now, I must get going. I have someone I gotta see."

Faust rose quickly from his seat and took hold of Rose's cheek genteelly, laying his lips softly on her lips. It was a soft, yet deep kiss against her lips as the demoness froze in place to be kissed by the brother of the auburn haired man that wanted her in bed too.... She didn't reply to the kiss, but her cheeks sure as hell did burn deeply.

"Well I'll see you probably later Rose. Have a good night!" Then he was gone like the same technique he had used before.

Rose stood there... stunned...

"................What the fuck?"

"Ah! Master! You have returned!!!"

"Of course I have Kumori... I just needed to make a stop..."

The calm voice of Faust echoed about the dark shadow like room. It was like the one that his brother owned as well, where the darkness was endless and showed no end when it came to ceiling, walls, or floors. Like a dimension where every angle is endless, including the invisible floor you stood on. Yet every figure that walked inside was as clear as day, as if a light was focused on their body without shadows or forms.

Within the center of the room was a woman upon the large glass orb. The orb was not white though, but a deep blue. It looked to give off more of a purple color, yet added the shading on skin and clothing. And upon this orb sat a demon that must have been the same age as Hikari. Her hair however, was long and thin strands of onyx black hair. It was very thin, as if each strand was accented on its own, dipped in ink and left looking purely wet. Through that hair on the sides of her head stuck out two horns, pointed and curved forward in a fashion like a mixture of a Ram and a Bull. No curl, yet a curve and a point. Kumori's eyes burned a bright, deep purple that shown through the frame of her bangs, yet her body was for the most part, bare. A leather corset held her waist firmly, leaving her large breasts out in the open, while silken panties covered her mound, and a long, yet pointed tail of a Succabi wagged back and forth, and demonic bat wings fluttered behind her back, the same color as her black hair.

Faust entered with a strut in his walk, like the man in the leather jacket and the black moosed hair. His expression was calmer than when he was with Rose. A cool, calm and collected expression with soft, yet glowing green eyes and smirk perfectly painted over his face. There was a very large shift in the look as he approached Kumori. A large chair formed behind him as he came closer to the orb, and fell back upon the cushioned seats with a loud thud and a pleasing sigh. The succubus quickly took to her master and sat on his waist, cuddling his clothed body with her own bare one.

"I am glad my master is back. You looked very silly with the Demoness."

"Yes I know... Think I took her by surprise?"

The orb began to swirl with a dark cloud, and soon a vision of Rose came upon the screen. She was on her bed, her head somewhat banging to the music of Thursday. Yet her face still seemed surprised, confused...

"Yes... I think you did."

Faust gave a wide smile as he reached out to Kumori and began to scratch the underside of her neck. A loud purr erupted from the succubi's throat as her tail continuously whipped back and forth as he scratched.

"Good... I think the more that she is confused the easier it will be to get around my brother to her."

"Oooh! Master is thinking into diving into another affair? What fun!"

"Yes... this one should be a fun one..."

Another calm smile formed over Faust's lips, and yet continued to curl until it reached a deep grin. He rested back and continued to watch the silver haired woman as Kumori stayed close to her master, snuggled up and happy. Rose had no idea she was being watched at that moment, plotted against, unknowing and unaware.

Ah, but that was Rose, always in trouble, yet always oblivious to danger until it's too late...