The oranges, the yellows, the blues, and the reds,

Inside the little flame are so entrancing.

Dancing upon the top of the lighter, or maybe the wick to a candle.

Not all the time you can see the colors of a flame.

Maybe it's the smoke that is generated from it.

Too hot to touch, yet so tempting to touch your finger to for a second.

Or maybe to play with, like to play with a paper clip in the fire.

Enough of the taunting, I unwind a paperclip and put it in-between my teeth.

Turn both ends to gnaw off the plastic exterior.

Leaving the middle on, we'll just burn it off later.

Ignite the lighter and touch it to the burnt wick.

Watch the small flames join into a higher one.

Forming a tiny puddle of warm wax below it.

Generating a blue, yellow and orange flame.

Stick the paperclip into the flame, just to turn it black.

On both ends, so wait for one of the ends to become cool enough to touch.

Pass the middle where the blue plastic still remains.

Wait for that to turn black and pick that off with my nails.

Further char the paperclip.

Then continue to play with it.

Oops, you touched where it was still hot; you've now got a burn on your finger!

Oh no! What to do?

You got too entranced and you slipped, you messed up.

You got burned.

How does it feel?

Does it tingle, does it sting?

Does it hurt?

Of course it does.

Now it's just a white mark, with a small indentation from the metal.

Along with the other two burns.

You've got a total of three burns from fire or smoke, from your own stupidity.

One on your knee you got when you were 6, from your fathers motorcycle.

You were wearing the wrong type of pants, and you walked past the muffler while it was still hot, and got burnt.

One on your middle finger from a few weeks ago.

Playing with the lighter, and your hand slid up touching the top of the lighter, you dropped it, and it left an oval burn.

Then this one from today. You got it from playing with a paperclip, this time it's on the other middle finger.

Being burned isn't fun, don't you know?

It hurts.

You whine for a second or two.

And you scream possibly, don't you learn?

Burning yourself isn't fun!

A/Ns: No, I'm not telling you to go burn yourself. No, I'm not trying to put ideas in your head. And Yes, I do have all those burns on me. The knee, and both middle fingers, all of them accidents. And No, I'm not a pyromaniac. And on one final noteā€¦ Don't try this at home, it's dangerous, and it hurts!