I'm Sorry…

I'm sorry,
For causing you this much pain.
I guess I can't help myself.
I just dig deeper and deeper.
For this time I guess I'm right.
I cause you too much pain this night.
Why do you even care?
Why do you ever bother?
I upset you way too much and I can't bear that.
You say I'm nice, funny, and caring but I'm none of those things.
I'm cruel, mean and hurtful.
Especially because I claim to love you, which I do!!!
But I cause you too much pain.
I make you hurt beyond belief.
I cause you so much grief.
I hate myself for doing this.
I'm sorry.
I want to do what I should not and that's cut.
Coz I want to cause myself pain, just a fraction of the pain you feel.
I want to cut so deep that my heart bleeds.
Hurt is my forte I cause it everyday.
I want to die at this point; I guess all I can do is cry.
So babe, I'm sorry for all that I've done.
I guess I realise I'm not the best girlfriend in the world.
Worse than your last.
I just can't stop hurting you, even when I try.
I cause you more pain and even more lies.
Do you know how much this is hurting me?
I'm actually crying in class.
I never felt so bad, how long can this last?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
How many times can I say it?
I feel so bad I really want to die.
Hopefully you'll forgive me before I say goodbye…

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