Believe In Me

I'm sorry for the pain.
I'm sorry for the hurt.
I'm sorry for the tears.
I'm sorry for the fears.

I'm your girlfriend and that will never change.
I hope you believe me when I say I love you!!!
You have to forgive me for everything I've done.
You know I didn't mean too, this in not what I call fun.
Fun: causing you pain, hurt, and grief beyond belief.
I don't think so…
Do you think I was put on this earth to cause you pain.
No, I don't think so…
I hate to cause you grief.
The one person in the world I love.
I've never felt like this before, you know that.
You're in my heart, and that will always be apart of me.
No matter what you think.
I'm not going anywhere, I promise.
Believe in me… as I believe in you.

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