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Chapter 9


The walk was more than a little awkward. My shoulder was still in a lot of pain, Beau was constantly asking me if I was okay, and then there was that underlying tension. The fact that we had spent a lot of our time in that cabin kissing. And the knowledge of the fact that my boyfriend, Beau's friend, was probably waiting anxiously for us, unaware of the fact that his girlfriend had just been making out with another guy. I groaned.

"What's the matter?! Is something wrong?! Is your shoulder hurting you?! What is it, Selena?!?" Beau was checking me over, fusing over me like a mother hen. He was testing my shoulder, looking for any other complications. I couldn't help laughing.

"Beau! Stop it! I'm fine." I smiled at him, reassuringly. "Really. Stop making such a fuss over me. People will get suspicious. And start calling me 'Wells' again, or people will start to wonder."

He grabbed my hand. "Selena... I honestly don't care what other people wonder or suspect. I only care about you. Selena, I-"

"I found them!!"

We jumped apart at the sound of the voice. Looking up, we saw Blythe, farther up from us on the mountain.

I beamed. "They found us, Beau! We're saved!!" I jumped up and down, waving at Blythe, to have her wave back. Suddenly, I remembered Beau had been about to say something. I turned back to him, still smiling. "What were you gonna say?"

He shook his head, looking away from me. "Nothing, forget it. It's not important." He turned back to me with a forced smile. "Why don't we run up and see the others?!"

I could tell it was important, but if he didn't want to share right now, I wouldn't push him. I shoved Beau into the snow and ran up the rest of the way, laughing. When I got to the top, Blythe launched herself on me, catching my in a bone-crunching hug.

"I was sooo worried about you!! I'm so glad you're safe!!!" She buried her face in my hair. "I don't know what I'd have done if my best friend had died!!!"

I gasped for air. "Blythe... I might die now..." I patted her back. "You're strangling me..." I took a deep breath when she released me, then smiled at her. "Don't be stupid! I wouldn't have died!"

Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me flush up against them. "I was worried too." Cole buried his face in my neck and hair.

I felt a twinge of guilt, and turned around in his arms. I smiled up at him, then gave him a small kiss on the lips.

He slipped his hands in my hair, keeping me there, and deepening the kiss. I realized, off-handedly, that Beau was a much better kisser than Cole. Then felt sick with myself for thinking of kissing Beau while I was kissing Cole. I pulled back from the kiss, involuntarily. When Cole looked at me, slightly hurt and concerned, I thought up an excuse.

I touched my hurt shoulder. "I'm sorry. My shoulder's just bothering me, that's all. I hurt it while I was snowboarding." I couldn't tell him that I couldn't kiss him without thinking about his friend who I'd just spent the last few hours with, mainly making out. That would just be mean, especially in front of all our friends.

His eyebrows drew together in concern. "You hurt your shoulder?" He lightly touched it and inspected it. "It's badly bruised." Pulling back, he looked me in the eye, seriously. "Come on. We'll go get the medical kit."

As we made our way to the cabin, I couldn't help feeling guiltier and guiltier. I had made out with Beau while I was dating Cole. I had cheated on Cole!! The sweetest guy that I had ever met! I felt sick, dirty. It wasn't right what I had done to him, and I felt horrible. I wanted to say something, but I didn't want to hurt Cole's feelings. He was always so sweet and caring to me, and I couldn't bring myself to crush his heart like that. If these feelings continued, I'd tell him. I'd break up with him. But only if I still felt the same about Beau.

Blythe threw an arm around my shoulder when we got inside. "I'll take care of Lena. We'll go into her room. I can do it." She directed me to my room, but stopped when she heard the group following us. "Guys, what did I tell you? I'll take care of Lena. We need some girl talk." She continued to my room.

Once we were inside, she forced me to sit on the bed, and, making sure to keep eye contact with me, sat down facing me. "Alright, Selena." I winced, she only called me Selena when she was really serious. "What happened between you and Beau? And don't give me and bullshit. You know I can read you like a book." She kept her eyes on mine, not letting me look away. "Now tell me. Truthfully."

I sighed and looked at Luther, who was curled up on the floor near me. As much as I didn't want to talk about what had happened between me and Beau in the cabin, I knew I had to. "Well... Beau and I decided to race... I cheated a little on the first leg... Then we... raised the stakes... He won... I hurt my shoulder... We made it to the rest stop cabin... No one was there... I fell asleep...," I began to mumble, "We kissed...," I allowed my voice to return to normal, "We went out looking for you guys and now I'm here, telling you what happened." I smiled at her innocently, hoping she didnt hear my mumbled part of the story.

Her eyes went wide, telling me she did. "Selena... are you-did you really-... You and-... For serious???" She laughed outright. "Are you shitting me?? For real???"

I couldn't help but crack a smile. "Yeah... For real, for real..." I looked at my hands. "But it's not cool, Bly... I mean... I cheated on Cole. I feel horrible!" I looked back up at her, tears in my eyes. "How could I have done that to Cole?"


We all waited outside the hut while Blythe and Selena were inside. Cole was practically biting his nails, while Nerissa and Adrienne were trying to calm him down. Ryley, Thatcher and I were sitting a little further off, staring at the snow. I was near exploding. I needed to tell Thatch what happened, but I couldn't do that with Ryley around.

Ryley cleared his throat, pulling us all out of our own thoughts. "Hey... I know you guys have a lot of luck with girls..." He ran a hand through his semi-short, dark brown hair and glanced over at the others. "I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice."

Thatcher smirked. "Who's the lucky girl, Jones?" He nudged him. "We can't help unless we get some details here, buddy."

Ryley's cheeks turned slightly more red as he glanced back at the girls and Cole again. "Well..." He sighed. "Promise you wont make a big thing about it?" His eyes pleaded with us.

Thatcher and I glanced at each other, smirking, before looking back at Ryley. "No," we both said, grinning.

Sighing again, he pulled at a tread on his pants. "Adrienne..."

Thatcher and I both grew thoughtful, looking between Ryley and Adrienne, scratching our chins. "Hmmm... Yes... Ah... I see..." Generally driving Ryley insane. "Oh oh! Yes... Well... Mhmm... Uh huh..."

When he couldn't take it any more, he smacked us both in the arm. "Shut up would ya??" He glanced nervously over at the others again, or more specifically, Adrienne. "So what do you guys think? You think I have a chance?" He looked at us hopefully.

I smirked at my friend of four years. "Calm down, Jones. If you're looking for my opinion, I think you guys would make a cute couple. And yes, I think you stand a chance." I shrugged. "It's all a matter of whether or not you make a move."

Thatch rolled his eyes at me and whacked me in the head. "Shove off, Beau. Let me talk to the man." He turned to Ryley. "You and Adrienne would look good together. And I'm pretty sure that she would go out with you if you asked her."

I blinked at Thatch. "Yo, dude! That's exactly what I said!!" I grabbed him in a head-lock. "You dickwad! Stealing my advice!"

Ryley rolled his eyes at both of us. "You guys are morons. I could've asked my little sister for better advice and she's nine." He sighed. "And you guys call yourselves men."

Thatcher and I stopped horsing around and stared at Ryley. "Did you just... insult our manhood...?" We continued staring at his grin. "You... insulted our masculinity..." I glanced at Thatcher and our eyes met. "You know what we gotta do, Thatch..."

He nodded gravely. "Yes, Beau... I do..." We stood up, towering over the still seated Ryley. "You, my friend, are going down."

With that, we both lunged at Ryley, pinning him to the ground. He yelped and fought to get away, but we held him fast. It wasn't like we were gonna hurt him... We were just gonna...

"Atomic Wedgie!!!!" I grinned as I shoved his face in the snow and Thatcher administered the wedgie. We finally released him when he cried out in pain. "That's what you get for insulting us like that." I high fived Thatch. "We still got it, man."

Adrienne, Nerissa and Cole rushed over and helped Ryley up. Adrienne fixed us with a glare. "At least you could have a more mature reaction! Honestly! You guys act like you're still in grade school!!"

I shrugged. "At least you aren't insulting our manhood. Then we'd have to get you." I grinned at Thatcher and threw my arms around his shoulders. "C'mon, man. I gotta talk to you."

I lead Thatcher to a place right on the edge of the woods. I sat on a log, while he stood over me, hands in his pockets, waiting for me to start. I finally opened my mouth, but he cut me off.

"Something happened with Selena, right?" He smirked and sat next to me. "Man, you read like a book. I could tell as soon as you got up the mountain." He looked over at the others, now building a snowman. "So what happened between you two?"

I sighed and leaned back, staring up at the trees. "We made out." I put it bluntly, knowing Thatcher wouldn't like it if I beat around the bush.

Thatcher nodded. "I thought as much." He glanced at me from the corner of his eyes. "You know that was a real shitty thing for you to do, right?" I nodded. "You know how much that's gonna hurt Selena, right?" I nodded again. "You know how wrong that is to do to Cole, right?" I nodded again, beginning to get a little annoyed. "You know how-"

"Thatcher. Shut up. I know, alright??" I sighed. "I know."