A/N: Something I wrote up a while ago but never really got around to posting it. And yeah, I know there are grammatical errors, which I left in for the sake of the rhyme scheme.

Lady in the Rain

"Lady in the rain, lady in the rain,"
I barely shout as I had lain
Strew on the floor, fallen on the slippery liquid grain
Sprawl here in pain
Far from my steady cane
"Lady in the rain, lady in the rain
Please don't watch me in vain.
Help me up from the dirt lane."
Yet to my horror, I realize something is not sane
As she advances, kicking away my broken cane
She leans close to my neck's vein
With her elongated teeth she maims
Me and I cry out in vain
"Lady in the rain, lady in the rain
Stop! I cannot take this pain!"
But I feel my life slip down the drain,
Watching life crack like a shattered pane
Lady in the rain, lady in the rain
You are my ultimate bane.